2020 NFL Draft Early Season Report: Jake Fromm

Early season has provided plenty of insight into some 2020 NFL Draft prospects across the college football slate. As week three kicked into action, there were more prospects to keep an eye on, especially some with question marks over their 2020 NFL Draft first-round potential. 

Sure, the college landscape is not offering anything too siesmic in terms of on-field drama, but as usual the scouts are already seeking that next round of NFL prospects. As the college and NFL seasons progress, keeping up with the action and punting on your winners is easy at football-betting.pro, where you can bet on NFL prospects and more. 

Image credit: collegefootballnews.com

Looking at week 3 in the college football season, the most intriguing game in terms of 2020 NFL Draft prospects was Georgia vs. Arkansas in the 12-1 PM slots. Scouts will be paying close attention to Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm, who has steered the Bulldogs to 2-0 in the early season. 

Georgia is currently running a 521-yard average over those opening two games, but Fromm has admittedly played a bit part in that success. Indeed, while the Bulldogs have rushed just under 300 yards, Fromm has thrown just 324 yards from 34 attempts. Those throws have resulted in two touchdowns and not one has been intercepted. 

On paper that’s a games’ worth of plays spread over two games, which explains why Fromm is not topping any Heisman polls at the moment. However, he has completed 73.5 percent of his throws and is commanding the offense well. 

As he seeks to build momentum through the season to pitch for the 2020 NFL Draft, Fromm will admit he has looked cold sometimes over the opening two game weeks. Not least against Murray State in week 2, where he started slow. Still, the quarterback matured into the contest and eventually commanded the game with some excellent downfield throwing. 

Against Arkansas, Fromm seemed to be reaching top gear as Georgia won 55-0 in a commanding display. He threw for 279 yards and three touchdowns before getting a rest for the remainder of the game. 

At this point in the college season, it is all about consistency and staying solid for Fromm. He surely won’t be making a huge play for the Draft by seeing off Arkansas State, but he will help to keep his name in the mix as a good shout for the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft. 

The big question is whether Fromm’s relatively underwhelming statistics will override his actual in-game performances. It is also worth mentioning he fits the bill of the type of quarterback NFL coaches love. He operates the offence effectively and has a good picture of the field of play. Fromm is also notable for his excellent decision making and ability to throw deep.

Compared to some of his potential 2020 class rivals at quarterback, Fromm’s style and numbers may seen rather conservative, and certainly don’t jump off the page. That said, wow factor is not the necessary dynamic for a draft pick, and Fromm’s consistency may be just the ticket. Certainly, he seems destined for the NFL either way.