“New Foundation Set To Connect Las Vegas Youth Football To The Next Level”

LAS VEGAS—The local youth football community in Southern Nevada will be provided with new opportunities to be noticed by local high schools and recruited by college universities enabled by a new platform provided by Ascending 2 Greatness Inc (A2G).

The “A2G Spring, Speed & Agility Camp” is the first of many endeavors that A2G plans to embark upon in the Southern Nevada football scene. A2G Founder and certified Speed Specialist Edward Senatus has built a loyal following within the region. “Our niche is helping accelerate the growth and performance of young student-athletes,” Every player can work to get faster, quicker and enhance their instincts, that is the main focus of our upcoming camp.”

The Las Vegas based company A2G stresses the importance of developing kids on and off the football field. “Any member of our football camp will have access to our resources for a lifetime, they are part of the A2G family,” Senatus stated. “We also provide academic achievement counseling for students in need of academic assistance and dieting nutritional programs. Our mentorship never ends at any level”

While 2014 is just a few months old, over a dozen Las Vegas high school football players have received college football scholarships—a number that is expected to increase with the presence of A2G in the community.

The Las Vegas high school recruiting process will be simplified and universities will have access to all player data, according to A2G Director of Operations Ric Serritella, who brings over a decade of NFL scouting experience during his time as CEO of NFL Draft Bible. “Every player who comes through our camp will be measured, evaluated and entered into our database.  This information will be made available for high schools and universities to access, the response has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.”

As a non-profit organization, A2G relies heavily on donations to enhance the overall experience for the Las Vegas youth community. Anyone interested in making a donation can send a check or money order to: Ascending 2 Greatness Inc., (EIN#: 27-3693722) PO Box 400883 Las Vegas, NV 89140

About Ascending 2 Greatness Inc.:  Ascending 2 Greatness Inc. is a community based nonprofit organization providing mentoring, tutoring and elite sports development programs for youth student-athletes across the nation. Our mentorship programs foster a sense of community, while inspiring, educating and enhancing the lives of young athletes. Players will receive coaching from current and former NFL players and coaches. Get evaluated from pro scouts. Every athlete who participates in any Ascending 2 Greatness Inc. camp will increase their visibility with our player-rating database used by high schools and colleges for recruiting purposes. Take your game to the next level with speed and agility techniques that will help you Ascend 2 Greatness! To get started log-on to: www.A2Gsports.com