“Latest Football Craze Invades Summer Jam IV In Anaheim On June 19th”

LAS VEGAS—While some of the nation’s top high school players gather for the nation’s largest tackle football tournament on June 19th- 22nd, another growing phenomenon in the college football recruiting world will be present.  For the first time in Summer Jam’s four-year history, 7-on-7 football will transpire simultaneously across their 12 different playing fields at Ayala Sports Park.

Summer Jam Founder, Tammy Waldron, added 7-on-7 to the tournament to help provide another outlet to build exposure and compete against all-stars in other states. “The interest in 7-on-7 football has grown enormously in popularity over the past few years and we’re proud to provide a new platform for our football community to showcase their skill-set,” stated Waldron.

In the 7-on-7 format, seven offensive players line up against seven defensive players. Offenses have a center, a quarterback and any combination of running backs, tight ends and wide receivers to yield five eligible receivers. Defenses have two or three linebackers and four or five defensive backs. It asks players to read and react quickly to situations.

It has become another way for recruits to accumulate film during the offseason to send out to schools, according to Ascending 2 Greatness (A2G) CEO Edward Senatus. “Players have generated tremendous amounts of buzz from their 7-on-7 performances. Through media accounts and word of mouth, college coaches keep track of who has performed well and who has improved through the 7-on-7 season.”

Senatus will help coordinate the 7-on-7 Summer Jam Event, along with A2G Director of Operations and NFL Draft Bible Founder Ric Serritella, who brings his 13 years of experience as a pro football scout to the event.

“This is another way to compete and get to the next level.  College coaches are taking these types of competitions very seriously.” Serritella stated. “The film accumulated from this event will be extended to our network of NCAA universities and our evaluation notes will be made readily available from our scouts on hand.”

Embracing 7-on-7 allows the fans of the No. 1 spectator sport in the world get a taste of their favorite sport year-round.  College coaches get a better opportunity to evaluate and recruit.  High school coaches start the season with better-prepared athletes.  Athletes have the opportunity to improve their skills and get more college looks. Spots are limited, make sure to reserve your team now at: www.WestCoastTournaments.com.

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