Position: WR | HT: 5’8 | WT: 160 | Forty: 4.70 | BP: 215 | VJ: 32" | Shuttle: 4.20 | Squat: 345 | Class: 2015


  • Superb hands.
  • Offensive weapon. Can line up all over the field; WR, Slot, RB. Plays all special teams, explosive return man.
  • Dangerous on bubble screen routes, will turn nothing into something with his ability to run after the catch. Possess natural instincts for finding the open seam.
  • Full effort every play, aggressive runner with ball in hands. Runs angry, not afraid to go over the middle, will often deliver hit instead of receiving one when being tackled.


  • Size; often outmatched on jump balls by taller defenders.
  • Most of plays made in short-intermediate part of the fields, has the speed to be a deep threat but one aspect of game that can improve.
  • Aggressive nature of play could lead to body wear and tear in long-run.


03/16/14 -- Las Vegas Pylon 7-on-7

09/20/13 -- Coronado vs Arbor View

09/12/13 -- Coronado vs Green Valley

09/07/13 -- Coronado vs Canyon Springs

08/31/13 -- Coronado vs Highland

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Max Preps: No.24 Ranked Prospect in Nevada


How are you involved in service in your community and why are these efforts important to you?

Member of United Way of Southern Nevada Volunteer.
Anti-Bullying program at Coronado High School.
Volunteering for Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.
Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

As a Captain for my Varsity Football team, I want to be my best and to be someone that people can look up to. Helping people in need, in my community, is a great example of human kindness and leadership. I have been greatly influenced by parents, coaches and friends who made a difference in my life. I want to have the same influence on someone in need.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. What is one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas?

To be a Captain for my Varsity Football team you have to be selfless, it's not all about you, it's about the team. I'm highly dedicated to football and we need a well bonded team and trust amongst all the team players to be Champions. If any player needs help, I'm there for them. Setting good examples off the field and off campus is very important to all my team mates, friends and community. Making the right choices is very important as a teenager, so I can accomplish my dreams in the future.

How do you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete?

At this time during off season, I'm training with PSI ( Philipi Sports Institute) for speed and agility. I'm also working with a personel trainer with weight lifting and on a strict diet plan. I will be attending as many football camps as possible in 2014. I know how important grades are also. I work hard at school making sure I keep up with my grades. I'll be going to a private tutor for my SAT's and taking the test in spring of 2014.

Twitter: @tannergorski

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