NFL Draft Bible correspondent Patrick Schuster goes one-on-one with William & Mary cornerback BW Webb, who carries a small school name but has intentions to turn it into big game fame!

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The other day I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to a player, College of William & Mary star B.W. Webb, a man many fans might not know a lot about currently but after the combine and the draft, they will without a doubt.  Here is my conversation with one of the top small school players around – cornerback, B.W. Webb

Footballdialogue: What does B.W. stand for? 
B.W.: I am named after my father, William, and it was just a nickname given to me so I knew they meant me and not my father.

Footballdialogue: What is your official size?
B.W.: I am 5-10 and go roughly 183
Footballdialogue: How did you end up at William & Mary?
B.W.: Funny story, it was actually my only offer coming out of high school.  
Footballdialogue: What are your thoughts on special teams
B.W.:  I love playing special teams, especially being a punt returner.   Anything that gets me on the field.  
Footballdialogue:  Who was the best player you faced while at William & Mary? 
B.W.: Well, two guys come to mind; first has to be Tre Grey at Richmond and at Weber State, Tim Toone.    Both presented a great challenge and where fun to go up against. 
Footballdialogue: What are you doing to stay in shape for the draft? 
B.W.: I am currently training at Bommarito Performance in FloridaDoing everything they tell me so I will be ready for the combine.

Footballdialogue: What was your best memory of your time at William & Mary?
B.W.: It has to be my first game in my college career when I had three interceptions and returned one for a touchdown against the University of Virginia.   It was something I won't soon forget.
Footballdialogue: Where was your favorite place to play on road? 
B.W.: Any of the trips to face a division one team, but especially playing at the University of Virginia my freshman year.  
Footballdialogue: If a scout asked what game would you give them to see you at the best?
Footballdialogue: Do you think your time at wideout in high school helps you in preparation for playing defense? 
B.W.: Yeah, definitely does, as I know what the receiver is thinking and wants to do next.
Footballdialogue: Who was your favorite player/team growing up?
B.W.:  Two guys come to mind, first Mike Vick, as he is from the same hometown and area I grew up in.   As for position wise, I loved watching Asante Samuel play.
Footballdialogue: What are things scouts can't learn watching you on film? 
B.W.:  How competitive I am.  I relish the chance to go up against bigger wideouts; maybe I have “small man syndrome. “
Footballdialogue: Can we follow you on Twitter?
*Make sure you watch B.W. Webb at the NFL Combine starting this Wednesday, February 20th until Tuesday, February 26th on the NFL Network.
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