Next to the offensive and defensive line classes, the deepest and most talented position in the 2014 draft appears to be wide receiver. From top to bottom, many of the receivers in this class have the potential to make an immediate impact next season.

            The undisputed top receiver prospect is USC’s Marqise Lee. The 6’0” rising junior is arguably the best receiver to come out of college since Calvin Johnson. Lee is an absolute burner on the edge with great hands and an uncanny ability to get open at will. He also brings plenty of value as a return man. Lee is a Heisman frontrunner this upcoming season and a lock for the top 10.

            The rest of the first round caliber prospects at this time include Brandon Coleman (Rutgers) and Sammy Watkins (Clemson). This may seem scarce regarding first round talent at the receiving position, but this class’ depth is tremendous. Malcolm Mitchell (Georgia), Jordan Matthews (Vanderbilt), Josh Huff (Oregon), Mike Davis (Texas), Allen Robinson (Penn St.), Donte Moncrief (Miss.), Mike Evans (Texas A&M), and Jarvis Landry (LSU) are just some of the receiving prospects that should make an immediate impact in the NFL. These players, along with potentially many others, will help the receiver position dominate day two of the draft. Day three will also see plenty of wide outs taken due to the depth of the 2014 class.

            In a league with spread offenses and four receiver sets, this position is seeing its NFL value increasing. Thus, this influx of very talented prospects will be highly desired among pro teams, and there are bound to be multiple Pro Bowl receivers in this class. Overall, the 2014 receiver class is extremely strong and will seek to make a lasting impact in the NFL.