School: Florida | Position: Cornerback | Height: 5106 | Weight: 198 | Forty: 4.45 | Year: 2017

Hometown: Tampa, FL | Class: Sophomore | Projection: 1st Round | Pro Comparison: Darrelle Revis


  • Speed and agility are greatest attributes—makeup speed is amongst the best in college football—fastest player on the Gators. One of the fastest cornerback prospects in the nation.
  • Fast, quick, smart. Sticks on opponents like super glue. Press coverage and natural ability clearly special
  • Has drawn high praise from teammates and coaching staff for his work ethic.


  • Lack of experience is biggest flaw, which is to be expected having just one season of college football under his belt.
  • Confident, could be interpreted as borderline cocky. Not much to dislike about his overall game.


  • Son of a coach, father was an assistant on the Miami Hurricanes during the Ed Reed/Sean Taylor era (1998-2005).


“I’ve been around football for as long as I can remember. Being around, when my dad coached at Miami, I was around all those great players like Ed Reed, Sean Taylor. I was around all them. I remember how hard they used to work and compete. I took that from them.”

“I can’t see a receiver just straight-up beating me on a long pass like that. For that to happen they’d have to get behind me first, and that’s not happening.”

– Florida CB Vernon Hargreaves III