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Duke and Carolina = Best Rivalry in Sports




Duke and Carolina = Best Rivalry in Sports




  • First of all a Rivalry means two teams that have beaten each ther equal amount of times or close to that..So tell me VERB what does [ALL-TIME GAMES UNC VS Duke: UNC leads 128-97] not even close, That is a weak arguement if they were like 10 games apart ALL-TIME then i would entertain Rivalry, But come on look at the stats! rivalry in all of sport sorry bud NO GO!

  • Just cause the media is feeding you with a spoon to eat up what there telling you dosen't mean you have to eat it up!..think about what your saying best Rivalry in ALL of sport. Just like they said last year 07' season THE BEST SUPER BOWL EVER, Now this Year 08'season there saying BEST SUPER BOWL EVER well which is it 07' or 08' get my point don't eat up the garbage they feed you!

  • Mike, if not Carolina/Duke, what do you think the best rivalry in sports is...Yea, its hard to declare something as the best, like you have just shown, but something has to be the best and I feel like Carolina and Duke is the best rivalry in sports...You didn't put what you thought it was...

  • As for the teams having to be even record wise...I don't think that has anything to do with...there might have been spans in the 1920's where one team was a lot better then the other and that doesn't affect the status of the rivalry currently...

  • I don't necessarily think rivalries need to be incredibly even to be ultra competitive. The Big 5 Philly rivalries are incredible but Villanova has dominated in recent years. ..... Unfortunately great rivalries come and go. But I will say that in my opinion the best AT THIS MOMENT in each sport would be (as far as National attention goes): NFL: Colts/Patriots MLB: Yanks/Sox NBA: tough one...Lakers/Celtics NHL: Washington/Pittsburgh NCAA FB: Texas/Oklahoma (OSU/Mich would be but Michigan is terrible right now) NCAA BB: Duke/UNC ...... Like I said...National Level...meaning the games that are most hyped by the media. Now which one is the best??? I don't know yet. I need to hear all the arguments first.

  • Really? Hofstra vs Old Dominion is on the same level as UNC/Duke?? You are out of your mind. ..... But I do agree with you on the other point. The problem for the duke/unc argument is that it doesn't cross over at all. Non college basketball fans still don't care all that much. ..... Yanks/Sox gets all the casual fans involved as well. Something Duke/UNC doesn't do.

  • Ok VERB here you go: Raiders Vs. Broncos Raiders Vs. Queefs Jack Nicklaus vs. Arnold Palmer (Golf) Bears Vs. Packers Giants Vs. Eagles Eagles Vs. Cowboys Rodger Feder Vs. Nadal (Tennis) Buffalo Vs. Miami Lakers Vs Celtics Yankees vs Red Sox I could go on and on VERB that College rivalry dosen't even come close to the ones i just said!..Don't eat up what the media tells you!..I know it may be your personal opinon but just in case.

  • and you don't think the media has made the Yanks/Sox more then it is...The Lakers/Celtics was a rivalry before I was born and then they played again last year...Fed/Nadal is good and I would probably argue for that...The golf one is useless anymore...All of your NFL ones aren't as good as Carolina/Duke...If you don't like college basketball, I understand but you have to give the rivalry its due...

  • Obviously Hosftra vs Old D was heavy sarcasm, but nonetheless Yankees vs Red Sox is the premier rivalry in all of sports. There are a ton of huge rivalries like Lakers/Celts, Bears/Packers, Cowboys/Giants, etc, but it doesn't compare. Yankees vs Red Sox series consume everyone north of DC and people are watching nationwide. We even get emails to our blog from international fans that are trying to find somewhere to watch it streamed online. IT RULES THE WORLD

  • "All of your NFL ones aren't as good as Carolina/Duke"..What VERB?...Pfffd Please...I bet you can go to any person on the street and ask them if they know about Broncos and Raiders rivalry and chances are they will! further more Yanks/Sox...let's face the fact not too many people who aren't die hard sports fans like we all are here...Know about the Carolina/Duke Rivalry..No question you got a strong argument but too say all of sport NO WAY bro!...Alot of people don't even care about the College Level..Shit alot of people don't understand what the Pac-10 or BCS is!...the only thing I ever hear people caring about College Basketball is the Tournament Bracket..Thats it!..Cause if they GUESS it right they win cash!..They don't care about the team's history or rivalry's...NFL way Different..There is way better Rivalry's in sports sorry Bud!

  • yeah...every time. the bar we go to so we can watch the games is standing room only every time and you have to get there at least two hours before the games to get a seat. Thats for every single game without fail.

  • Like I said, the Yanks/Sox is good but I really only enjoy it when it comes playoff time...I'm sure in New York and Boston its huge everytime but I think EVERYTIME Carolina and Duke play its big everywhere...and that's what makes that rivalry better!

  • Sorry bro...I work in the sports industry and there isn't one person I know that has mentioned anything about the game. The college level just doesn't get the exposure that pro sports do and people dont get as fired up for it. You make good points for sure and I think its a big rivalry, ujust not Yanks/Sox level.

  • I agree with you most of the way Mike but honestly if you asked most people on the street I think they would know that Duke/UNC is a big rivalry. BUT it isn't the biggest in all of sports. I think year in year out it is ONE of the biggest BUT not the biggest. It just doesn't get the national attention as Yanks/Sox. ..... I am not sure that many of the NFL rivalries spark much outside of their regions UNLESS they happen in the playoffs. Sure Giants/Eagles is huge in PA and NY but who in North Carolina cares about it? Yeah in Denver and the west Oakland/Denver is huge but honestly I don't care that much (especially with the state of your Raiders, sorry but its true). I think the Colts/Patriots is the best in the NFL right now because of the playoffs...thats where rivalries are born. So I would say UNC/Duke is at least close to most NFL rivalries.

  • I don't know. When two teams are really good like Michigan/Ohio State a couple years ago or Texas/Oklahoma this past season I think they can get a pretty big audience. ..... Honestly if you go by ratings I bet the college football games do better than MOST of the Yanks/Sox games (regular season obviously). BUT UNC/Duke (where this argument started) never gets those ratings.

  • GM I think your wrong on the Raiders/Broncos yeah the Raiders suck but look at every game played they are always close and intense almost all the time and that matchup gets put on MNF more than any other Rival's...Trust me i know...College Ball dosen't even come close..The BCS is a joke and the only reason College Ball gets any visability cause everyone Crys who gets to play for the National Title..If it weren't for that no one would care!...College Basketball is like 3 levels below that!..NFL is the biggest sport around the WORLD period! and it's rivalry's are what makes it Polarizing!..personally I think golf is a great sport as well..Does anyone really watch the NBA anymore?.I use too but now it's a fraud!..And MLB players Cheat(A-Roid) to play a Kid's Game that has no Contact!

  • First I have to say this. The NFL is the biggest sport in the US. NOT THE WORLD!!! Hell Canadians don't even watch it that much they watch the CFL and hockey. Yes American Football is the biggest sport in this country and no it isn't close BUT to actually believe that it is the biggest around the world is crazy. Soccer is the biggest around the world. In EVERY SINGLE country except us and Canada it is the most viewed and attended sport. ...... I don't think the NFL needs rivalries to get viewers. I can watch any two teams play but honestly if the Raiders/Chiefs had been on this past season I wouldn't have watched it unless no other game was on. And I wouldn't watch Cowboys/Redskins either if neither team was good (unless of course there were no other games on). Late in the season any 2 teams that are good are basically rivalries. ...... Yes college basketball is not followed at all until March. BUT college football is very popular. If you want proof just look up the ratings. Saturday night games this past season trailed the NFL by only 1 million viewers some weeks. The NFL had 11.9 million one week this season on Sunday afternoon and the Saturday night college game had 10.7 million. And the afternoon games had 6.8 and 6.6 that weekend on ABC. Hell that is better ratings than the World Series. ....... In my opinion to measure a great rivalry you have to look at interest at other times of the year. The reason NO NFL games are great rivalries is because every week and every game gets so many viewers. But Yanks/Sox, Duke/UNC, Lakers/Celtics all get a boost in ratings when they play. That is why I don't rank a NFL game among the best and surely not a division game because they are too regional. Personally I will watch Broncos/Raiders but I would also watch Cardinals/Rams.

  • I like Golf when Tiger is playing. I can't watch the NBA. Baseball is okay for about a week in the spring and some in the fall. I enjoy Tennis (if its one of the big 4 tourneys) and I enjoy Hockey (but I know I am in the minority there).

  • GM What?...Dude the NFL could go anywhere in the world and sell out look at London they sold 70,000 tickets in 90 minutes for the last 2 years, certain NFL teams in the U.S. can't sell out there own team!.So your dead wrong on that one..Your crazy if you don't think NFL is the biggest sport in the world yeah you got a strong point on soccer no doubt about that...But like I said the NFL could sell out anywhere they do it in Mexico,London,Japan,Austrlia..Anywhere dude Pffffd Please, And why is it that Raiders/Broncos get put on MNF(Most watched game every week) than any other matchup?...Cause people want to see the Rivalry reguradless of the teams record!. Be real about that! they did it this year 08' season and the Raiders were 4-12 in 07' and they put them on the Double Header and Headlined to kick off the season!. I know lots of people on the East coast and across the world that aren't fans of those teams or NFL in paticular and tell me it's big everywhere you go. Candaians don't like football?... then why are they going to host Bills games in Canada for the next 2 years?..Dude you need to check your facts Bro!.

  • yes the NFL can sell out 1 game a year anywhere in the world. And surely it would sell out more. Of course. But when big European soccer teams come here they sell out too!! So does that mean that soccer is popular here? Soccer is the BIGGEST sport in the world. In this country....obviously not (not even close actually). .... I would say that the NFL is the single biggest league in the world. But as a SPORT football isn't even among the top 3 in the world. But your a league the NFL is probably the biggest. But as a sport football falls behind soccer, baseball, and basketball. (and maybe even hockey and rugby too). But as a league the NFL is huge. ...... I didn't say Canadians don't like football but ask a few Canadians (that live in Canada) and they will tell you that they love the CFL. I am not saying they don't watch the NFL but the CFL is king up there. ..... Also I never said Broncos/Raiders isn't big. And you make a good point in ESPN putting the game on even with Oakland being bad. BUT I still think the NFL is bigger than rivalries. If you put the Eagles/Saints on Monday night you will get the same amount of viewers as Eagles/Redskins. ..... Like I said I think in order to be the GREATEST rivalry in ALL of sports the game MUST rise above all the other games in that sport. Yankees/Sox is HUGE compared to just about any other game. Which is why it is the best rivalry in sports. Broncos/Raiders doesn't command that kind of attention. Sure it is a huge game but unless both teams are winning late in the season it doesn't get people up like other sports rivalries.

  • Oh and before you call me out on checking my stats make sure you read my post again. I never said Canadians don't like football. If you knew what the CFL was then you would know what I meant. BRO!

  • The CFL dude you crack me up!. I read many times how that leauge barely survives and alot of people in the world don't know it exisits!, and for your info I know exactly what the CFL is BUDDY and it's a joke!. As for the yanks/soxs yeah it's got history and really in my opinon is that rivalry is a east coast thing no one here on the west coast gives a shit about them or there rivalry I watched only one time in 04' when they bitch slapped the yanks from a 0-3 deficit that's it!, Baseball is popular in Japan and U.S that's it ! Basketball is popular MAINLY in Europe and U.S., the NFL (Professional Football) is ONE of the biggest sports period!. But the real argument in this debate is Rivalry and college basketball dosent even come close BRO!. I can list 10 of the top of my head that are better than Duke/Carolina. Everyone has their own definition of a rivalry and that's the grey area! Ok BRO schools out!

  • And if the Broncos/Raiders don't demand that kind of attention then why the hell do they put it on National T.V. All the time huh? Obviously the Networks disagree with you cause everyone always watch's or they wouldn't put it on ALL the time!..why do they? Cause it's a big time rivalry! Don't fool yourself cause you hate the Raiders like everyone!.

  • They could put the Cardinals on Monday night football and they would get viewers. Yes Oakland/Denver is a great series. I am a fan of it. The hatred between the two teams is great for football and tv. But you said it best in your last point....RIVALRIES are regional. In certain parts of the country Yanks/Sox is the biggest, in other parts Duke/UNC is biggest. And still others Cubs/Cards or Bears/Packers. Cowboys/Giants or Pats/Jets. It depends on where you are in relation to the teams. ..... Your right in this country the CFL is a joke and is it viable?? I don't know enough about it. I never watch games. BUT IN CANADA (not here) it is a bigger sport than you think. I always thought the CFL was a second rate football league where no one cared BUT I have learned in the past few years that the CFL is actually very popular IN CANADA!! ..... And you can't argue that professional football is that big a sport when it is ONLY PLAYED here, in Canada, and I think Germany still plays but not sure. Other than that it isn't played anywhere. When professional football becomes an olympic sport then we can talk about it being ONE of the biggest in the world. ..... But your partially right on one other thing. College basketball (unless it is in March) doesn't come close to the other sports as far as rivalries. And I didn't say otherwise. BUT remember what i said before....rivalries are regional. A rivalry that is huge in Florida is meaningless in Washington and the other way around.