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Larry Fitzgerald is the best wide receiver by A LOT!




Larry Fitzgerald is the best wide receiver by A LOT!




  • say Moss's numbers are 11 career seasons Moss has caught more than 90 balls 3 times. In Fitz's 5 seasons he has already done it three times. ..... WAS Moss the best?? Probably...a few years ago. The argument up for debate is who is the best NOW! And sorry Moss isn't nearly as complete a receiver as Fitz. Is Moss still top 2 or 3...probably. But not number 1. The top spot belongs to either Fitz or Andre Johnson and I would say Fitz BECAUSE he is healthier than Johnson. I would put Moss third.

  • Moss is on pace to break THE best receiver EVER to play the game J. Rice's records... Jerry played for what almost 20 years?...And Moss has only been in the leauge for half of that time!....My opinon: MOSS is better than Fitz. But don't get me wrong a few more years and that might change!...But until he can equal all the Stat catagories Moss has..and Moss hands down has had what like 6+ QB'S throwing to him and he still produced...I know cause when he was in Oakland we had 3 different QB'S throwing too him...Imagine if he had 2 back to back HOF QB's throwing to him like Jerry Rice did his numbers would be threw the ROOF!

  • By the dont know were you get your info, but im pretty positive Daunte Culpepper never won MVP, and if he did (which he didnt) it would have been because of Moss

  • Moss was on pace to be the best receiver ever! And in his first five years he was great...Maybe the best five years ever for a wide receiver, but like i, and the gm said, right now fitz is better by a lot...and in my book the top 3 are fitz, Andre Johnson and Steve Smith

  • Oh and how many times do you run the 60 yard bomb a game? Maybe 2. How many times do you catch a ball in traffic for a first down? More then 2, I think.

  • MOSS IS CLEARLY The best reciever!!! THE STATS ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Who has the touchdown record boy's??? 23!!! GREAT NUMBER!!! LF has never got over 15 td's in a year????? MOSS HAS DONE IT 4 times!! MOSS IS WAY FASTER THAN LF TODAY!!! WAKE UP!!! Pelle #23

  • All you homers cant get past what moss did in Minnesota. I have already admitted that when Moss was in Minnesota he was the best by a lot. He isn't the same guy anymore. Yea, he is still fast and yea he can still catch deep touchdowns but thats it. In today's NFL, it takes way more then that to be the best wide receiver in football and if you want to see what it takes, watch number 11 next weekend!

  • Who said Moss doesn't go over the middle?? He runs the best slant in football!!!! Do you remember the ball tom brady threw him and he grabed it with one hand on the run OVER THE MIDDLE!!!!! I DO I WAS AT THE GAME!!! He also runs the best 20 yard out!! Because of his speed!! I think he has his work cut out for him next week!!! Pelle #23

  • *All you homers cant get past what moss did in Minnesota* Now your a joke....he had 23 TDs last season. And yeah, he catches deep touchdowns and thats it? BAhahahahahahahaha

  • One mistake Moss has made is saying to the world "he plays when he wants too" and he does take plays off but that's just when he is bored or is losing that's his downfall but when he balls he is a dynamic WR and the best!....there's alot of complete WR's like your saying but none of them can produce the playmaking ability Moss can and in this leauge is all about the TD's.

  • Its not all about the TDs. Where are the Patriots this season??? and Where is Fitz and the Cards??? I am not saying they are better than the Pats cause they proved that in December BUT they are still playing. .... And keep in mind a guy like Hines Ward. I think a lot of people would put him high on their list (not top 5 but MAYBE top 10) and it isn't cause of his numbers. .... Let's put it this way. If you were starting a team right now and could take any receiver in the league would you take Moss or Fitzgerald?? And to eliminate the age excuse for taking Fitz we will make it a 3 year longer than that. I would take Fitz. i think he is the better teammate and the better player all around. Sure maybe Moss will score more touchdowns but playing receiver is not all about touchdowns. It is about blocking, route running, catching all passes thrown your way, and sometimes being a diversion. Most of those things Moss does well but not great. Fitz is the more complete receiver. ..... Is Moss the BEST down field threat in the NFL...Probably. Is he the best everywhere else? Probably not. Close but not the best.

  • This leauge isn't all about TD's?...what are you smoking bro I want some...dude the Cards play in the worst divison in the NFL the 49ers were 1 win from winning that divison...the Cards got hot at the right time period!...not because of fitz. He is great WR one of the best!...but the reason why the Pats were 11-5 is because of Moss and cassell connection...and another reason why the pats went 16-0 in 07' was because of Moss he required double teams sometimes triple teams and that opened up everything else Wake Up buddy. I'm not saying Fitzgerald isn't one of the best but Moss is better period.

  • I am not saying that Moss isn't very good. But you all forget that he sucked in Oakland. And don't give me the quarterback crap because a great receiver should be producing no matter who is throwing the ball. ..... Moss is good....very good. Yes he requires double teams. BUT he doesn't do EVERYTHING he needs to. .... Here look at it this way...Moss is the greatest touchdown threat in the game today. But Larry Fitzgerald is the best all around receiver in the game today. He might not be better than Moss at going deep and catching TDs but he is better at some of the other things receivers need to do. ..... No one is arguing that Moss isn't great but right now (and this is important RaiderMike) NOT IN 2007!!!! he is not the best in the league. ..... All of your guys arguments were about his past stats. What he did in his first 5 years and what he did in 2007 (which was also with an unbelievable qb). If you look at everything this season you will see that Fitz is better RIGHT NOW!! Nobody said he was the best over the last few seasons. BUT RIGHT NOW!!

  • Oh, and one more thing from me...You guys want to talk about stats...I am sure you guys all play fantasy football and most of you probably play on was the top fantasy wide receiver THIS YEAR? Larry Fitzgerald.

  • another fantasy football guy that doesnt know the line between fantasy and reality...i hate arguing with fantasy football people.....YEAH MAN! JON KITNA IS GREAT!

  • Oh and by the way, Mike Tomlin did any interview today and said, "Larry Fitzgerald is the best in the World right now in One on One situations down the field?" I'm obviously no expert but I think Mike Tomlin is about to coach in the Superbowl!

  • it called not giving bulletin board material and kissing butt! plain and simple...we will see in the SB fitzgerald will be weighed and measured if he only gets 5 catches and less than 100 yards and 1 TD or worse your argument holds no water cause the SB is the highest level of foootball! so if dosent live to the challenge then you what are going too say then?...

  • a guy has to produce in the Super Bowl to be considered great??? Moss only had 5 catches for 62 yards and a TD in his only Super Bowl! So doesn't that mean that Moss isn't any better?? I mean by your standards the best recievers ever only produce in the Super Bowl. Yeah the record setting performance through the rest of the playoffs to get his team to the Super Bowl are meaningless.

  • No what I am saying if he is so great he better produce big time and yes better than what Moss did in the SB...but will it define if he is better or not? NO but if he can't get similar numbers or better than yeah that tells me he is not good under pressure, Moss caught his TD at the most important time too... so if fitz. Is good as you argue then he should have no problem out Playing Moss!...that's what I mean...and even if he does do better it won't make him way better cause of One game but if he can't do it all tells you he not so great!.

  • I just don't understand where you are coming from. I am trying to wrap my head around it. .... In the previous comment YOU SAID that Fitz will be weighed and measured in the Super Bowl because that is the HIGHEST level of football. And now you are saying that it doesn't matter that it shouldn't be about ONE GAME?? .... No one arguing for Fitz has said that he has only produced in one game. Look at the numbers this season: Fitz - 96 catches, 1431 yards, 14.9 ypr, 12 TD, 25 receptions of 20+ yards, and 66 of his receptions went for first downs. Moss - 69 catches, 1008 yards, 14.6 ypr, 11 TD, 17 receptions of 20+ yards, and 46 of his receptions went for first downs. .... Look at the numbers and seriously tell me who is better RIGHT NOW!!! Oh and that doesn't include Fitz's playoff stats!

  • Weighed and Measured AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL!. Their are different elements that define a player, stats is a big part of that no question, but I also look for how well he does when he performs against a formatal defense under great pressure, Like the Reciever on your team the Eagles on the last play of the last drive of the NFC championship game to get too the SB he drops a pass in the hands, he did that cause he is not a elite reciever that can make a play under big time pressure, and IF! fitzgerald dosen't perform under that kind of pressure then he lacks what a great reciever is like Jerry Rice, who can put up numbers and make plays against the best teams in the biggest games, lets face it the NFC is weak in my opinon vs. AFC in terms of defense, So they haven't face a good defense yet that shows me there worthy, Eagles I thought would but weren't, the 49ers had them beat in their house on MNF and was 1 yard away from sending the ARZ. Cards home and Pats defense crushed them, lets get one thing straight and clear so you don't have to wrap your mind around anything, by the way how do you do that?, I thought that was a hippie thing in the 60's, Fitzgerald is clearly one of the elite WR'S in the NFL, but he has barely been in the NFL and has good numbers for sure but lets see how he does on the biggest stage possible, against the best Defense in the NFL? Then i might entertain your argument and come on here and take my licks, But I also was saying that One game dosen't define you but it adds on to the argument when it comes to the SB! only time will tell. He is RIGHT NOW!! playing great, But to say "Larry Fitzgerald is the Best Wide Reciever by a LOT" is the exact opening statement of this entire argument I think is false not even close!, and that is all I have to say about that! ok now unwrap your mind and take a breath. Ahhhh much better huh?

  • That was funny. I enjoyed the brain wrapping going on and now it is better. .... I will agree with you on a big point and that is the A LOT factor in the opening line. I don't think it is by much if anything. Honestly I think Andre Johnson when healthy is as good or better. BUT RIGHT NOW...TODAY...he is the best receiver in the game. ..... But if your main argument is that he is not better by A LOT than I agree with you. .... Oh and your right. Unwrapping my mind did help!

  • I agree boys...I still think I'm right but this was a lot of fun arguing...Tito, congrats my friend...I will get you one of these times though!

  • Verb, we ALL think were right! LOL but thats the fun part for sure. The voting flaw sucks but it's just beta testing. Now if a grand prize trip to the SB was at stake, alot of people would be pissed!