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1 week later and the disappointment s...

It has now been over 1 week removed since that black day in Vancouver history. It's been hard to swallow. Even watching a part of the NHL awards la...

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"The Game"

You can use every cliche in the book for game 7. "All the Marbles", "It all comes down to this" etc..., and, you'd be right. Win or lose, there's n...

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A Tale Of Two Cities

This is not Europe in the mid 1800s, and I am far from Charles Dickens, but the 5 games already in the books have shown what a difference 3000 mile...

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Then there was 1 Left

As I write this article, the car and air horns blast behind me. Never mind the Olympics here in 2010, this is way more Magical. 40 Years we have wa...

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The Vancouver Vibe(True Fans who Hate...

The story never gets old. Fans jumping off and on the Luongo bandwagon. To those who missed it, after Luongo was pulled in game 4, Several Thousand...

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4 Games!!! Why the inconsistency?? NH...

Aaron Rome was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a result Mike Murhphy ruined his Stanley Cup finals experience. This is the same Mik...

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Fingergate 2011; Where will it end?

Timothy MarchPride. Passion. Intensity.When you think of the Stanley Cup Finals these are just a few of the words that come to mind. The 2011 Stanl...

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Game 2 - Canucks 3 Bruins 2 , Burrows...

Let the debate begin. Should Alex Burrows have been suspended for game 2 for his biting incident in game 1? The NHL decided no. So, Burrows decided...

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Stanley Cup Finals - Game 2

If game 1 taught us anything about what to expect in the series, it was solid goaltending. It looks as if Roberto Luongo has gotten over his early ...

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Long Live the Vancouver Green Men

Michael DeNicolaWhat more can I report about this ridiculous banning that Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports hasn't covered already?More important que...

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Vancouver classless in Victory

Incase you missed it on Tuesday night the Vancouver Canucks finally got the monkey that was the Chicago Blackhawks off their back. It took 7 games ...

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