Yes, it's true- after the tumultuous year that Nino had, he finally is no longer a New York Islander as he (or his agent, if you believed that) wanted all along. He was dealt to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for Cal Clutterbuck and a 3rd round pick that would be used later in the evening. Many Islander fans were angry with some of the comments made by Nino through the year, and were happy to see him go. Others were upset to see him traded for a player with such low perceived value. 

You have to remember that Nino's value was extremely diminished. He was still in the minors three years after he was picked. He played 1 season in the NHL that was sub-par (despite the quality of his line mates).  His attitude was clearly very poor, and he seemed completely disinterested in having a future with the club as he wasn't giving it his all in the AHL towards the end of the season. During his drafting, he was considered a player with a lot of promise within the next few years. While he does still have that potential, it doesn't seem it was ever going to be reached on Long Island.

While Clutterbuck is almost certainly not a player who's going to be lining up next to John Tavares, he is a more than serviceable bottom 6 player who hits almost as hard and often as Matt Martin. In fact, they've both been in the top 5 in the league in hitting for the past two years. This means that the team, which already had a great 4th line, has gotten even better. I was very sad to see how Nino's tenure with the Islanders ended, but unfortunately it didn't appear that he had much a future with the club.

The Islanders then made their first round pick, and to my excitement, they drafted the player I believed to be the best fit for them...