If I were to think the mid-card comedy herd, The Funkasaurus would be the first to go. It was silly and fun at first, the way he would dance to the ring with the Funkadactyls, and yell things like “Should I Get Him?” and “My Bad!” during his matches. Now, he doesn’t add any of that verbal flare to his performances in the ring, the comedic effect of his rhythm-less dancing has worn off, and he has become for all intents and purposes, one of the most boring characters in the WWE.

Can the comedy be salvaged? Possibly. Comedy is situational. If you put Brodus into a funny storyline or show more of his interactions with the Funkadactyls backstage and establish a quirky and funny relationship within their trio there are very likely more laughs to be had (side note: we know nothing about Brodus’ relationship with Cameron and Naomi at the moment which is a little annoying because they’ve been on TV for how long? We should know something about them besides that they dance). All that being said, I can tell from his body language that Brodus is growing frustrated with the character, and doubt any of the “Funkasaurus” captures his real personality. Drop the comedy and give him something that he can really sink his teeth into.