When the first backflip was successfully attempted a few years ago, it soon became the fad to try one and others soon followed.  At the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, there were more attempted backflips than at any other event over the course of the year.

But, at this show it wasn't a single backflip that stole the show.

The ending to the run by George Balhan in his Mohawk Warrior Cadillac to this day is still the most watched, downloaded and viewed moment from that show.

Balhan had already filled the alotted time for his run, but continued anyway for the fans, possibly not to his knowledge.  His final hit came at the semi, set up exactly for what it was intended for, the backflip.  He rotated once, landed on the nose, and then stabbed the throttle, not knowing that what he did would bring every fan in Sam Boyd Stadium to it's feet.

The hit of the throttle brought the truck around a second time, making him the first official driver to complete what has been termed "Back-to-Back Backflips."  Some have claimed this was a double backflip, but that term is incorrect.  These were two different flips, one with the aid of an obstacle, one without.

Balhan didn't win a trophy, but he certainly stole the show.