Record: 38-14 [ 1st in the East, 2nd in the NBA ]

The Run Down: The Heat are the best team in the Eastern conference, and arguably the NBA. The defending champs continue to look, and play like a championship team, and I pose the question "Is anyone really surprised?". Their impressive play, and record is a testament to their great team play on both sides of the ball as they are 5th in PPG (102.9 PPG), and 9th in Points Allowed (96.1). We've also seen great assist numbers as they are 13th in the NBA (22.2 per game). As they look to capitalize on their recent 9 game winning streak, there is no doubt they pose the highest chance of winning the title out of the entire Eastern conference.

Team MVP: Lebron James [ 27.2 PPG, 7.0 APG, 8.2 RPG, 31.62 PER ] is shooting career highs from the field (.567 FG%, .416 3-PT%). He also set an NBA record for most consecutive games with 30 pts or more, while shooting 60% or more from the field (6 games).

What to Worry About: Despite the great play so far, the Heat are not perfect as they are 30th in the NBA in rebounding (38.7 per game). This is due to their lack of size on the front court. They also have had trouble on the road at times especially vs teams with size (ex: Pacers, Knicks, & Bulls).