Welcome to Week 9 and back to the second installment of the BCS style NFL Power Poll. For an explanation of how this poll works, you may refer back to last week’s slide show by clicking here. In short, this ranking system uses eight statistical categories, four different rankings from reputable NFL sites and two separate bonus structures.

The bonus systems are needed for wins and losses as well a team’s consistency each week. Division wins on the road are worth more than winning a non-conference game at home. The second bonus rewards consistency. The Steelers and Broncos will not earn the second bonus this week because this is the first time this season they appear in the poll.

On the other side, the Falcons, Texans and any other team that appeared in the poll last week are rewarded for their return each week. If the Broncos and Steelers win this week, they will be eligible to receive the bonus next week but they will not receive as many points as the teams that could be making their third straight appearance.

There are two strict qualifiers to be in this poll. A team must have a winning record or, thanks to the 2010 Rams and Seahawks, be leading your division to be considered for ranking. 

As we have seen in the past, and are starting to see once again this season, the actual BCS poll is not a perfect system, and neither is this poll. With that said, I like the fact that no personal feelings are used when I construct this poll each week. In fact, I was heartbroken to learn where my Baltimore Ravens were ranked once the numbers fell into place.

Week 8 saw my Ravens, along with the Texans, Bills and Bengals get the week off and it could not have come at a better time for three of the four teams. I will let you decide which one would have wanted to play last week.

I mentioned above that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos are making their debuts into the BCS style poll this week. Also joining them are the Indianapolis Colts, yes--- that’s right, the Colts without Peyton Manning.

How successful have rookie quarterbacks been this season? Well the Colts have Andrew Luck and the Dolphins possess a rookie signal caller in Ryan Tannehill. Luckily, for Dolphins fans, Tannehill suffered no structural damage in his knee when he injured during the first quarter this past Sunday vs. the Jets.

It is a lock that one of these two team will lose this week and therefore not be return to this poll next week. The reason is that they play each other on Sunday.

If you watched Hard Knocks, Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins on HBO before the season started and thought the Dolphins were a good football team with a quality head coach then you were not watching the same Hard Knocks I was.

Despite a training camp filled with confused players, lost coaches and of course moderate drama created by none other than Mr. Child Please himself (Chad Johnson), the Miami Dolphins are 4-3 and are a fun team to watch this season.

Head coach Joe Philbin must be one persistent salesman because it seems as if his players have bought into whatever in the hell he was selling to them in late August. The Fins, as well as the Colts could be a threat to be a wild card contender this season in the AFC, which at this point could easily stand for the AWEFUL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE with the way many of the expected favorites are performing.

Week 8 will best be remembered for the impending quarterback controversy it may have created. It will also be remembered for “Three Fingers Bryant”.

In Philadelphia, Eagles head Coach Andy Reid was 13-0 following a bye week during his career in the City of Brotherly Love. However, following a loss at home to the Falcons on Sunday, who was also coming off a bye, many want to see Reid make a change by benching Vick.

In New York, Mark Sanchez and the Jets were thumped by the above mentioned Dolphins at home 30-9, leaving the remaining fans at the new Meadowlands chanting  T-E-B-O-W—T-E-B-O-W this past Sunday, while also booing the Mark Sanchez and the  Jets’ offense.

 Is it Tebow Time for the J-E-T-S? One things is for sure, the time to start winning is now or sexy Rexy and “Mr. Sanchise”, or both, may be looking for work next season.

Jets fans will expect answers to the many questions the team has entering their bye week when they return to play. Answering those questions will not be easy as “Gang Green” travel to the great northwest to take on the team with arguably the best home field advantage in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks.

Speaking of head coaches on the hot seat, Dallas head coach Jason Garrett learned firsthand and there is no pun intended there, that football really is a game of inches.

Garrett’s team probably should have never been in a position to lose yet another game it should have won. His QB, Tony Romo, was miserable in the first half for the Cowboys against NY’s other team last Sunday. He tossed three interceptions in the game’s first 17 minutes, which led to a Giants 23-0 head start.

Then good Tony showed up and rallied Dallas, at one point the Jerry Joneses took a 24-23 lead on the champions on a Romo 1-yard scoring pass. The Giants, with Eli Manning at QB and as they always do, responded with two fourth-quarter field goals, putting the Cowboys behind but within striking distance in the game’s final seconds.

Romo would do his best Eli-te impression as he marched the Boys down the field and found receiver Dez Bryant in the back of the end zone for what appeared to be a miracle 37-yard catch with 10 seconds in the game to go to give the Cowboys a 30-29 lead. However, replays showed that Bryant’s three middle fingers touched down out of bounds before his body landed in the end zone, negating the touchdown and giving New York a 29-24 win.

Last week there were 11 teams with winning records and that number has increased to 13 this week. Gone from the poll this week and in all likelihood probably forgotten for the season is the Arizona Cardinals. Since starting 4-0, the Cardinals have scored just three touchdowns.

Gone this week but will likely be heard from again this year is the upstart Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks

Both lost last week, the Sea birds to a Lions team that will never see this poll this season and the Red birds to a 49ers team that is ranked very high this week. Both ornithological based franchises dropped to 4-4, which as I told you is not good enough for consideration. Bill Parcells once said, “You are what your record says you are”, and .500 or less says you are average at best. With that said, the Falcons are undefeated but are they ranked first? We shall see.

So before you get started with your Week 9 festivities, please enjoy the second edition of the 2012 BCS style NFL Power Poll. If you have any questions or want more specifics, please leave your comments below.