It's hard to argue that any team in Major League Baseball utilizes their prospects as well as the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays have a knack of producing farm-grown starts from their organization, and it looks as if they will continue this trend. It's pretty well-known across baseball that the Rays have an absolutely stacked farm system. 

Young talent is the core of the Rays success. Every year it seems, the Rays have have at least one prospect come up to the big leagues to make an impact. Last year, Desmond Jennings, Wade Davis, Alex Cobb, Matt Moore, and Rookie of the Year Award winner Jeremy Hellickson all contributed to the team's memorable season.

So, who which top prospect will make in impact in 2012?

Many of the Rays' top prospects won't make a big league appearance this season, but let's take a look at four who could very possibly make a splash.