The Mexican national team is full of talent young and old. In the round Before the Hex the Mexican played with skill and ease as each team they faced could not keep compete with them. In fact in each match they played they won and finished on top of the group. Which leads us to say that going into the Hex the Mexican should be one of the clear favorites to come out this Hex. The strengths to this team are unbelievable at striker they have the young talented Manchester United player Javier Hernandez. With his moves to goal Mexico is one of the strongest although at times it is hard to find him. Which leads me to the midfield, which could be the weakest to this team. This could be because they are so young with average age of 22. Which leads me to the defense which really picks them up because there defense in last round of qualifying only led up 2 goals. In My prediction Mexico should easily go through as long as their defense plays the way the have been playing. Lastly the only reason Mexico might not finish at top is because of USA who might be their biggest competitors as usual.