On Saturday while Oklahoma State was busy beating the brakes out of Texas Tech, I as well as the rest of Sooner Nation were scratching our heads asking the same question, "Just how did Texas Tech BEAT Oklahoma?", and  "Could this be the SAME Texas Tech team that BEAT Oklahoma?" 


After all, it was only three weeks ago that Texas Tech marched into Norman - on the heels of 2 consecutive losses - and upset the #3 ranked Sooners 41-38; ending a 39 home-game winning streak, and putting a serious dent on the Sooners' national title hopes.  Since then, the Red Raiders have looked anywhere close to a shell of the team that stunned the nation during "homecoming weekend" for the Sooners. 


For a while now, I've always held this "theory" that most of these Big 12 teams will look at their schedule, circle the date in which they play Oklahoma, and pretty much decide that's the day that they will "bring it!!"  It doesn't matter what happens afterwards, as long as they gave it their all in an effort to beat Oklahoma.  I say "most teams" because Texas and Oklahoma State (and Nebraska, to an extent) are, well, rivalries, so it's always a toss-up whenever they square off. 


Granted, Oklahoma hasn't always played its best in those games that they've lost, but what really gets to me though, is that whenever said team manages to pull off that rare upset, they have never given quite the same effort in the remainder of their games.  Given the Sooners' "big dog" status however, it's not that hard to understand why these teams want to beat them. 


Now that I've opened the proverbial "can of worms", it is time for me to back-up my "theory".  I will revisit some of the upsets during the Stoops era, starting with the most recent of them all: