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Special Stanley Cup Finals Edition of...

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—no, it’s not Christmas but the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals have arrived. Join Bryan Yates &a...

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With McPhee Gone, Great 8 Lone Remain...

In a city where executive change occurs every two years through our nation’s democratic voting process, the Washington Capitals decided on Sa...

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By Alan Zlotorzynski: Now that the conference finals are here andthe last four Stanley Cup champions get set to decide who will hoist the next one,...

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  • commented on your video WASHINGTON CAPITALS GAME PREVIEW: "Here are my thoughts even though you probably don't care. .... Gruden is overrated as a head coach. He couldn't get the job done in Oakland so he went to Tampa. He won a title in Tampa but it was with Dungy's players. So that proves that as a head coach he is marginal. ..... Offensively I don't see what is so special either though. I think he is probably an average coordinator at best. .... I actually think college is the perfect place for Gruden because he is more of a hand's on coach. He would be better as an instructor and teacher than as a manager like a NFL head coach needs to be."

  • commented on your video WASHINGTON CAPITALS GAME PREVIEW: "Ok but listen, He is 14 games over 500 he has 1 Super Bowl I NFC Title game an like 5 division titles... Oh yeah he was one game away in Oakland!! You could say his team made it thier and he beat with his new team!!! WHO can get the job done thier!! AL Davis has to kick the bucket to turn that around! Sorry MIKE!! It is true! :) They do have a shut down corner now! IN MUWASABEEEE!! Somthing like that! JAHJHAJH! Pelle #23 I would roll the dice!!"

  • commented on your video WASHINGTON CAPITALS GAME PREVIEW: "Oh I won't argue that fact Pelle...Al Davis needs too stop the BS for this franchise too move forward or die..sounds bad I'm not a blind fool he needs too step down but he won't so I and the rest of diehards got too live with his non-sense...but as for Gruden Dude he is a awesome coach...we were 4-12 in the 1997 season. And he came in and turned it around immedatly and put up Back to back 8-8 seasons and could of been better if we had a good kicker then got us 2 divison titles and were the best rushing offense in the NFL 2 years out of 3 and knocked on the door for SB title twice his play calling was good and tricky...the knock on him is when the pressure was on he got way conservative like the snow game vs pats we had 2 3 and 1's and he couldn't get it done to seal the deal...ofcourse the call didn't help either but he had chances and didn't get it done. But he still in my opinon one of the top 10 coach's in the NFL!...I'd take him back in a heart beat!...he is a great HC period. He'll have no problem landing another job!..he's got class unlike Kiffin the ASS!. "

  • commented on your video WASHINGTON CAPITALS GAME PREVIEW: "I AGREE! If he went for it you win the game and the call never happen's!! Pelle #23 "

  • commented on your video WASHINGTON CAPITALS GAME PREVIEW: "You can't get 1 F-ing yard in the NFL you don't deserve it!...but what can you do as a fan?..That game was the only game I shedded a tear on in 30 years of watching Raider football..that's why I get worked up about that game!. But Gruden is a great coach and will have more success, he gets the most out of every player on his team it's just the yelling thing only lasts for so long until these millionares tune him out,"

  • commented on your video WASHINGTON CAPITALS GAME PREVIEW: "So you guys don't think he has anything to prove? I know I am going to lose this arguement but I really feel like its going to be a lot harder for him to find a head coaching gig then you guys think and I think by becoming a coordinator and proving he can do it, it will be much easier for him to get another job and make more money!"

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