Are the Chicago Bears on an Unstoppable Winning Streak?

The recent Chicago Bears victory over the Atlanta Falcons proved that the Chicago home team is the most unpredictable franchise in the NFL. During their nail-biting Week 3 comeback, the undefeated Bears left fans on the edge of their seats with plenty of cliff-hangers.

The Bears’ latest triumph came after an unexpected fourth-quarter comeback as Quarterback Nick Foles scored 20 points for a last-minute win over the Falcons. Final score, 30-26. Once again this season, the Falcons forfeited their second fourth-quarter lead for a surprising loss.

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5 Ways in Which the Bears Conquered the Falcons

The Bears’ important win against the Falcons marked their second stunning comeback of the season. T\Trailing Atlanta by 16 points in the fourth quarter, Chicago surprisingly took the lead in the very last minutes of the game. The Chicago Bears made NFL history as the first team to do that, and moreover, they did it three games in a row. Even when Chicago is down, the home team simply doesn’t give up. The Bears kept fighting for an unlikely comeback one more time. This only proves the fighting spirit of the Chicago Bears.

The Bears trailed the Falcons 26-10 going into the fourth quarter. With less than two minutes left in the game, Nick Foles scored an amazing 20 unanswered points, putting the Bears at 30-26. Just like in the first two weeks of this season, Chicago’s defense pushed back against a late rally by Atlanta; an Atlanta win seemed certain until Chicago safety Tashaun Gipson intercepted Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan.

In week 1, Chicago quarterback Mitchell Trubisky led the Bears to a surprising fourth-quarter comeback against Detroit. Some fans have argued that Trubisky should have remained in the game, yet putting Nick Foles in during the middle of the third quarter was the right play. The fact is, Trubisky was 16 points down, but when Foles hit the field, the game suddenly turned around. We’ll never know if Trubisky would have scored a surprising fourth-quarter comeback, but the fact is, Foles scored a victory for Chicago in only a quarter and a half.

It can’t be denied that the reason for Chicago’s unexpected win was Nick Foles. From the minute he hit the field, Foles infused the offense with much-needed confidence. Even the defense was bolstered once Foles entered the game, holding the Falcons to 63 yards of total offense.

When you consider there were just a quarter and a half left in the game, Foles’ performance was nothing less than spectacular. In just a matter of minutes, Foles completed 16-of-20 passes, gaining 188 yards for three last-minute touchdowns. Technically, Foles threw an amazing five touchdowns, but two were contravened by a dropped pass and a questionable interception ruling. 

Bear’s head coach Matt Nagy hasn’t yet settled on a starting quarterback for upcoming games, but Foles seems like the go-to choice.

Early in the game, Chicago’s defense struggled, but they were able to apply steady pressure to Atlanta’s quarterback Matt Ryan, despite what the final score indicated. Specifically, Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks and linebacker Khalil Mack and were up and down the field, as the Bears’ defense twice sacked Ryan with eight quarterback hits. In the final minutes of the game, Chicago safety Tashaun Gipson made a key interception of the Atlanta quarterback guaranteeing a win for Chicago.

Technically, the Bears also had another sack and a forced fumble and recovery. But negating those was a roughing the passer penalty. While Chicago’s defense didn’t appear to be the solid unit many fans wanted to see, they were good when it came to going after the quarterback. But they didn’t do as well when it came to stopping the run.

Are the Atlanta Falcons Cursed?

Even with the sportsbooks projecting a 99.3% win probability in the fourth quarter for the Falcons, many fans suspected they would somehow blow another lead, despite the Bears trailing 26-10 in the final quarter. Unfortunately for anyone who bet on the Falcon, that’s precisely what they did.

One week after blowing a 15-point fourth-quarter lead against the Cowboys, the Falcons threw away a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter against the Bears. Sadly, the Falcons became the first team in NFL history to lose twice in one season with a 15-plus point lead in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the Falcons achieved that disgrace in just two weeks.

During the Chicago Bears’ game, questionable play-calls by the Falcon’s offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and Coach Dan Quinn finally proved to be the team’s downfall. Despite strong performances from running backs Todd Gurley and Brian Hill, Koetter insisted on calling pass plays as the Falcons held the lead.

Arthur Blank, the Falcons owner, has kept both general manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach Dan Quinn this season. Blank had hoped to turn things around following back-to-back, 7-9 showings. Unfortunately, now Blank has to make a hard decision whether to keep Quinn or make other changes to improve the team’s performance.

Chicago’s Chances at the Playoffs

While it’s still early to consider whether Chicago will make it to the playoffs, you can’t ignore the Bears incredible 3-0 start. Historically, teams with a 3-0 start have a 73.6 % chance of making it to the playoffs. With a 4-0 start, the chances of making it to the playoffs jump to 82.4%.

If Bears quarterback Nick Foles can keep the team on a winning streak for the rest of the season, they’ll definitely make the playoffs. And when the Chicago Bears do make the playoffs, Foles magic at crunch time is absolutely obvious.

Going into week four, the Bears’ chances at the playoffs will undoubtedly be a huge topic among both fans and sports media. But without a doubt, right now, Windy City fans feel confident that the home team is on a winning streak.