Arizona Cardinals Start Shopping with No.1 2019 NFL Draft Pick

We’re now into April, which means the 2019 NFL Draft is less than a month away. With a few short weeks left to go, plenty of questions remain unanswered and there are no guarantees about how the Draft will play out.

What we do know is the Arizona Cardinals have the all-important first pick and the organization has recently become more selective. It was widely assumed The Cards would be picking up Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Kyler Murray, but recently the team has been shopping around a bit more.

In fact, the Cardinals have been working through their 30 pre-draft visits to reach out to players who might occupy their top pick if Murray is not selected. Below we’ll look at the three most likely candidates, all of whom bring something to Arizona should they be picked. Certainly, this close to the 2019 NFL Draft, anybody betting through bet-nj.comon Murray being first pick should hold off because anything can happen.

  1. Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

That said, Murray does remain the top choice for the Cardinals and is most likely to be number one overall draft pick. Maybe it’s not as set in stone as it was, but the truth is Murray brings a lot to the table. An excellent passer, Murray is able to mix in blistering pace to his game and has been compared to Russell Wilson and Michael Vick combined into a single player.

Certainly, Murray has excelled pre-NFL, picking up the highest rating across six different quarterback categories. Some of those accolades include pass per yard attempts, good old-fashioned pass accuracy, and completion percentage when under pressure. As baby-faced as Kyler Murray is, his on-paper stats suggest he is a star quarterback in the making.

  1. Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

Bosa has spent the winter apparently destined for the San Francisco 49ers as second pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, where he would certainly help the Niners defense in the No. 2 position. However, Bosa has also apparently been meeting with the Cardinals as the Arizona franchise seek cover should they opt out of drafting Murray.

Of course, Bosa is already a hotly-tipped DE who missed out on the 2018 draft due to a core muscle injury. Notable as an all-round talent, Bosa’s exceptional skills allow him to combine high-level ball handling and an effective first step. Mix those elements with his raw power and leg strength in contact and you get potentially one of the best defensive side players in the NFL over the next decade.

  1. Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

Like Bosa, Oliver was not previously being linked with The Cards. Now that Arizona is shopping around, his name has consistently been mentioned and Oliver has apparently met with the Cardinals several times. If he does not end up in Arizona, he is likely to be a choice for the Buffalo Bills or Oakland Raiders, two other teams he has met (reaching as high as No. 4 with the Raiders in mock drafts).

More of a work in progress than Bosa and Murray, Oliver needs to add more to his passing game and possibly bulk up for the rigors of the NFL. However, his movement off the snap is at elite level and he has plenty to offer in defense for teams lacking in DT.