Do the Denver Broncos Draft a Quarterback in 2018?

Denver Broncos” by JKinsocal (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Denver Broncos have failed miserably this season and, although there are many areas of concern for them right now, the biggest has to be who will be their next quarterback. This is something the team will address before the start of the 2018 season but will that happen in the draft or will they seek to find a veteran through free agency or a trade?

Brock Osweiler was drafted in the second round of the 2012 draft. He was designed to be the long-term replacement for Payton Manning at that point but never stood a chance of getting the job. He asked for a huge contract, something the Broncos didn’t give him, and then went on to leave the team. This year he is back for his second coming but it has been much of the same, and Osweiler has shown nothing to prove he is worth the starting job in two attempts now.

Trevor Siemian” by Jeffrey Beall (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Trevor Siemian started the season as the Broncos quarterback but lost the job part way through. The 7th round draft pick from 2015 has looked impressive at times but, at others, he has made some huge mistakes, costing himself a genuine chance of being the clear number one in Denver.

The latest man to be given a shot is Paxton Lynch, the first round choice of the Broncos in 2016. He looks to be capable in small parts of games but, overall, he is nowhere near ready yet, perhaps because the Broncos have piled pressure on him too soon to perform. It looks like Lynch or Siemian will get the start for the final few games this season and, if you fancy the Broncos to win some of those games, then check out the free bet offers available with Oddschecker; it’s perhaps not worth using your own cash.

Moving onto the 2018 draft; who should the Denver Broncos be targeting to solve their quarterback problem? There is no guarantee the Broncos will go for a quarterback but, if they should, then it is likely they would take either Sam Darnold from USC or Josh Rosen from UCLA. Both are ranked ahead of Lamar Jackson, who would be another potential, but the Broncos are a little restricted as to what they can do right now.

There is the potential for both the Browns and the Giants to be picking ahead of them in the draft, and both teams could do with a quarterback. Do the Broncos select the third best, whoever is left on the board, or do they look elsewhere in the draft, hoping to land a quarterback in free agency?

While it may not be fun being a Denver Broncos fan right now, it is certainly intriguing, and there are many changes expected as soon as this season is over. In the long run, any one of Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Lamar Jackson could do a job for them but is John Elway happy to wait? If not, he may have to pin his quarterback hopes on a player he finds in free agency.