East West Shrine Bowl – East Practice: Day 1

The East West Shrine Bowl has assembled a very talented group and the east roster has a fine collection, particularly at the skills positions. The East team ran a shortened session for day one but there were a number of standouts to go along with some excellent coaching to kick the week off.

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QB James Morgan, Florida International – I felt Morgan was the best quarterback at this event coming into practice and he did not disappoint. He stands tall, has a quick release and throws a catchable ball. His delivery is fairly efficient but he is a rhythm passer that places the football well and has the accuracy needed to play at the next level. The arm strength is definitely there and he showed some chemistry with Mitchell Wilcox among other receivers.

RB Benny LeMay, Charlotte – Benny LeMay has that classic runningback build, short squatty dude with christmas hams for thighs. He has a wide build, he’s thick cut and doesn’t look fast but he gets up to third gear in a hurry, he has a lot behind his pads and knows how to finish runs.

WR Ja’Marcus Bradley, Louisiana – Bradley figures to be featured in the game, he is an all conference playmaker that looked like a seasoned pro out there day one. He’s a hands catcher, that makes plays on the ball away from his body with ease. He’s a long limbed receiver that uses his body well but he’s also an athletic runner after the catch. He’s got a natural lean, he runs with power and is creative with the ball in his hands. He isn’t super athletic and his change of direction appears to be average but he is calculated with his movements and has outstanding hands. 

WR Malcolm Perry, Navy – Perry was outstanding today, he looked like he had been playing receiver for years despite being an option quarterback. He flashed his super speed in his routes but also showed off some sweet feet in the comeback drills. His athleticism and top end speed are clear but he’s a dangerous player because of how well he is capable of changing directions, he showed that off in drills and his interior routes. Perry has a chance to develop into a slot receiver thanks to the fluid mover he is in space.

WR Aaron Parker, Rhode Island – S-M-O-O-T-H! Parker is an easy mover, he’s got a great feet for a bigger taller receiver and his hands are excellent. He truly plucks the football out of the air so easily that you can barely hear it. He abused Parnell Motley in matchups, he made a very impressive catch that was thrown behind him by Princeton’s Kevin Davidson and enjoyed a fine first day of practice.

TE Mitchell Wilcox, South Florida – Wilcox has natural ball skills, with some big grabs early in the day. Wilcox made a great concentration catch with a defender draped all over him. He makes it look easy at times with some of the catches he makes, hauling in passes above his head and converting on contested grabs. He’s far and away the best pass catching tight end at this event.


CB Parnell Motley, Oklahoma – To his credit, he just played in the college football playoff less than three weeks ago and he toughed it out through what looked like an injury during practice but he had some difficult reps today. At one point, he was beat deep by three different receivers, namely Keith Gavin of Florida State and Temple’s Isaiah Wright. He held Aaron Parker on a sluggo and gave up cushion to Parker on the following play, only to get had on a curl. I like Motley a lot because he is physical but at this point, he needs to turn it around with a big couple of practices to finish the week.

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