East West Shrine Bowl – East Practice: Day 2

Day two kicked off earlier at 9:20am with the East Team rolling out a full practice session with a lot of quality work compared to yesterday.


DE Alex Highsmith, Charlotte – Highsmith has ability, he isn’t especially long or strong but he has some unique if not unorthodox moves as a pass rusher. He broke out what looked like a jump step pass rush that I saw him use twice today, once the tackle just caught him and won the rep but the second time he used it on Jake Benzinger or Wake Forest and he couldn’t get a finger on him. There’s some real twitch out of his stance that was on display today, as Highsmith flashed some pass rushing ability today. 

WR Ja’Marcus Bradley, Louisiana – Again, I know but dude is out doing work and showing out thus far. There’s no denying that he’s going to be a draftable player but the only real question for me at this point is what he’ll test because he’s proven what he needed to on the field, it’s just a matter of whether or not he’ll be able to post acceptable numbers in Indianapolis assuming he’s headed there. Bradley also nearly killed me on the sidelines after the catch but dove just to the side of the three people by me to avoid contact.

DL Garrett Marino, Alabama-Birmingham – This guy uses his hands extremely well and while he’s not the biggest defensive linemen out there or the strongest, he is flatout slippery on the interior and keeps showing up in my notes. He’s a disruptor that plays with a mean streak. He did not win every matchup, as Charlie Heck and Cam Clark got the best of him in two instances I saw but Marino was a difficult ask in the other reps today. He strikes me as a Derek Wolfe five technique type

CB Elijah Riley, Army – Riley is a rangy, hard hitting corner that plays like he enjoys contact. He got into the backfield twice on runningbacks in plays that would have been tackled for loss, he broke up passes on receivers and even delivered a little friendly on Shyheim Carter in coverage that caused Carter to leave the field. He even had a pass interference called on him covering Western Michigan’s Giovanni Ricci but I felt it was just clean physical defense. Riley is lining up at safety for most of this week and that looks to be his home going forward, as it fits his style of play.


S Miles Dorn, North Carolina – Dorn looks the part of a big time safety with a rocked up thick frame, long arms and adequate height but there’s a serious “L-O-F-T” issue if you are familiar with the acronym. He struggles in man coverage and outside of run support, there’s not a lot that he’s bringing to the table. Dorn doesn’t take great angles to begin with but he couldn’t run with Georgia’s Eli Wolf in coverage and it’s safe to say that he’s not going to be facing lesser athletes at the next level.