Instant Impact & Analysis: What The Cancellation of East-West Shrine Bowl Means

By Justin Van Fulpen | @jvanfulpen

Yesterday the East-West Shrine Bowl canceled their 2021 all-star game due to concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic. The annual college football all-star game is the oldest event of its kind which, which dates back to 1925.

The 2021 event was scheduled to be played on January 23rd at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. Last year’s game produced 98 players on NFL rosters, which demonstrates what great value that all-star games offer aspiring pro prospects.

The postseason all-star games are especially important for prospects in many ways – Here are some:

  • Small School or Non-Power 5 prospects get to show NFL scouts that they can play against the best level of competition.
  • NFL Scouts get to see the prospects go one-on-one and can use this as particularly good evaluation tool.  
  • NFL Scouts get confirmed measurements (height/weight) on a player.
  • NFL Scouts get more time to interview and interact with prospect to help with the overall evaluation.

There have been countless players who have elevated their draft stock by performing well on the all-star circuit. Unfortunately, this is one platform that won’t be available to this year’s draft class.

Yet, another factor that players must weigh when considering opting for this year’s draft or utilizing their extra year of eligibility granted by the NCAA, something that we discussed in yesterday’s column.

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