Jerry Jeudy Leads Early 2020 Wide Receivers

With the 2019 NFL Draft done and dusted, looking ahead to 2020 shows there could be a welcome batch of top-tier wide receivers on the list next year. While there were a lot of wide receivers on the 2019 ticket, there was a lack of elite talent. Indeed, we had to wait until the 25th overall pick in the first round for the Ravens to pick Marquise Brown as the first receiver of the draft but Jerry Jeudy looks to change that. 

Looking ahead to 2020, the field looks much more encouraging, with the class showing a better selection of top potential receivers. Scouts are calling out several players who are proper burners down the channels. It may be worth betting on some of these hot prospects becoming big deal wide receivers in the NFL in the years to come. 

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It is worth noting scouting has not started properly ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft class, but early consensus on the receiver prospects is positive. Below are some receivers who are gaining early attention.

Jerry Jeudy, junior, Alabama

Jeudy is already playing enigmatic receiving plays thanks to his ability to run routes across the field. His athletic frame and movement make him instantly ahead of receivers selected during the 2019 NFL Draft. Scouts are already excited about Jeudy’s ability to find routes, although some teams may be put off by his 6’ 1” 192 pounds frame, which is outside the standard build of an NFL receiver. 

However, Jeudy makes up for his size with his elusive routes and all out speed. During the 2018/2019 campaign with Alabama, he run for 14 touchdowns and grounded only four passes out of 72 that were catchable. If Jeudy can match last season’s performance during the 2019/2020 term, he is likely to feature as a high first-round pick. 

Laviska Shenault, junior, Colorado

Shenault already has some fairly important accolades on his side, such as being the only receiver to be a counselor at Manning Passing Academy. While only putting an inch on Jeudy at 6’ 2”, Shenault is much more of a unit at 220 pounds. In fact, that weight makes him an outright beast and he will likely become the strongest receiver in the NFL one day. Despite his build, Shenault is slippery on the field and has proved himself hard to tackle. 

Jalen Reagor, junior, TCU

Reagor is arguably on a par with Jeudy in terms of quality. However, while you have probably heard of Jeudy, you have likely not heard of Reagor. Despite comparative qualities, this fact shows that football is all about the team. Whereas Jeudy had a dynamite quarterback behind him in the form of Tua Tagovailoa, Reagor received from three quarterbacks last season as TCU struggled in that position. Still, Reagor is explosive and charts excellent routes on the field. Despite tough conditions, he racked up nine touchdowns and run for 1,040 yards last season. 

Other Contenders

Jeudy, Shenault, and Reagor stand out as the three wider receivers to watch ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft, but there are others who may push themselves into first round pick contention. For example, Tylan Wallace of Oklahoma State and Ceedee Lamb of Oklahoma are both good route runners who are ones to watch this coming season.