The Miami Dolphins Mock Draft 2020 12 Picks Updated

With the NFL draft season fast approaching, we are beginning to see teams for quite nicely, especially for the Miami Dolphins. NFL is one of the biggest seasons in the history of sports and the draft takes place on the 23rd of April until the 25 th of April. With the upcoming selections taking place, there are bound to be some competitive betting odds structured for the season up ahead. This is what we know so far about the 2020 picks for the Miami Dolphins.

2020 1st Round

The Miami Dolphins have their very own first round pick, as well as the Steelers and Houston Texans. After trading away former first rounders Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Dolphins own pick figures to be a very high selection.

2020 2nd Round

The Dolphins second round pick is predicted to be a top 5 selection in the second round as well and considering the quality of the 2020 draft class, they are sure to have their pick of blue chip players where they will select in the mid thirties. Miami also acquired the Saints’ second round pick, so every game Teddy Bridgewater saves for them while Drew Brees is a draft slot dropped.

2020 3rd Round

It is a known fact compensation picks aren’t announced until the NFL’s meeting before the season. But there is rumour Ja’Wuan James, a player who signed a deal with Denver Broncos, is the reason why the Dolphins were not actively picking during the offseason, where teams are busy and not inactive.

2020 4th Round

The fourth round had the Dolphins exchange their 4th round for a 5th round pick with the Steelers.

2020 5th Round

The Dolphins sent the Cardinals apparently to sweeten the pick. They used to own Josh Rosen but should get a compensation pick in the 5th round for losing Cameron Wake to the Titans. Wake will be receiving $23 million in his new 3 year deal with the Tennessee Titans. Eric Rowe and Ryan Fitzpatrick are the two key players to have been dubbed as the biggest free agent players which put them in a beautiful position but it also makes it possible the compensation pick could be lower because of this.

2020 6th Round

The 6th and the 7th round are more complex picks than the first 5. The deals made are involved and everything is complicated. The Miami Dolphins got Dallas’s 6th round through the trade that involved Robert Quinn to the Cowboys. The Dolphins have also gained a 7th round pick from Kansas City all because of a trade that was made last season and involved Jordan Lucas. Another factor to think of here was the trade which included Danny Isidora and has played the first 2 games as right guard. The Colts and Miami swapped late picks in a deal which was rumored to be after the season.

There are many factors to think of here and as the time fast approaches, we will begin to see more adjusted picks which will be shown to the public as deals are made and players are traded. The Miami Dolphins have a very busy 6th and 7th round, more so than other teams. Its what makes the last rounds so exciting!