New NFL Draft Bible Directory Features Industry Resources

Since 2002, the NFL Draft Bible has served as a trusted source for NFL Draft coverage. Over that time, we’ve cultivated numerous relationships that are pertinent to the NFL Draft business. Now, we want to make it easier for future pro prospects to find services that will help them get to the next level. The NFL Draft Bible website has added a ‘Resource‘ tab, to help players locate agents and training facilities in their area, make them aware of financial and insurance opportunities, possible endorsement products or any other business that offers value to the player. The more I talk to players and parents about how the NFL Draft process works, the more it becomes glaringly evident that it can be overwhelming. In addition, there is very little information available and plenty of sharks navigating the waters with bad intentions. The new ‘Resource’ tab aims to serve as a tool that will promote businesses and people who can be trusted and that have established themselves in their line of work. To sign-up send an email to: