NFL 2020 Update: Burrows As Bengal’s Top Draft Picks In Quarterback Position

It’s no longer fresh news that the Louisiana State University top-billed player, who was hailed as one of their greatest playing college quarterbacks, Joe Burrows, made it as a top-ranked NFL draft this season. When you hear the name Burrows, it comes with various good impressions not only on ordinary football enthusiasts but on the experts as well. 

But what made Joe Burrows one of the top Las Vegas NFL draft odds this season? And does his statistics and playing record affect the possible decision of the Cincinnati Bengals to choose him as their quarterback this coming April? 

Let us take a look at his playing career, which might give us a good angle on why the Bengals already have their eyes on him. 

Burrows on his college years 

Joe Burrows has started his playing career, not at LSU but originally at Ohio State. However, due to a realization that he will not be named as the starting quarterback, Burrows shifted to LSU as a graduate transfer. 

In 2018, Burrows, in his junior year, was named as the starting quarterback and finished the season with good marks. He had a record of 2,894 yards passing and 16 touchdowns, with seven running touchdowns. 

Continuing on his senior year, Burrows is once again named as the starting quarterback for the season and leads LSU in winning the season-opening game with Georgia Southern at 55-3. He has earned his second recognition of SEC Co-Offensive Player of the Week together with Tagovailoa. Burrows got his first SEC Offensive Player of the Week during his junior year. 

And right before he finished his collegiate playing career, Burrows was flooded with recognition and awards like the Maxwell Award and the Walter Camp Award and many others. He was even awarded the prestigious Heisman Trophy in 2019. 

During his final games, Burrows led the Tigers to win the championship trophy against Clemson in the 2020 National Championship Game. 

Burrows ended the season with a record of 60-passing touchdowns, breaking the FBS previous record-holder Colt Brennan in 2006. He set another record for his 5,671 passing yards and ranked third all-time tied with Case Keenum in 2009. Burrows’ passer rating at 202.0 was also another record of the season.

Therefore, this playing season has been marked to be the greatest ever by a college quarterback. 

Burrows as a strong candidate this NFL season

In the upcoming player selection meeting, Burrows is already trending in various sports news and entertainment sections, undeniably making a loud noise just before draft day happens. 

The latest news featuring Burrows is all about him as a target number one draft this season. He’s on top alongside other strong candidates like edge Chase Young, wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, and linebacker Isaiah Simmon. However, in his class, Joe Burrows is exceptional. 

With all his amazing credentials to validate his playing techniques and abilities, it is already expected that the Cincinnati Bengals will set their eyes on the amazing player. There is no doubt that the team who has earned the chance to draft No.1 overall in the 2020 draft wouldn’t miss their chance to get Burrows. 

Bengals on Burrows 

It is not all theory, but there are already presumptions from expert football analysts and insiders that the Bengals will pick Burrows during the draft.  There are primary notions about this selection, and fans are both excited and weary to see Burrows play with the Bengals.

Some fans and experts are excited to see if Burrows decides not to sit down when the Bengals choose to draft him as an overall No 1. This means that the Cincinnati Bengals, who still haven’t won in the Super Bowl, will now have a chance, a glimpse of hope, to bag a championship with the help of Burrows. 

However, if Burrows pulls an “Eli Manning kind of route this April and decides to refuse to join a bad team, then it will ultimately affect the NFL, and it might turn out bad. 

As the Bengals earned the chance to draft someone as good and as excellent as Burrows, this can pull them up and maybe just maybe, give the entire franchise a good opportunity to overtake the NFL 2020. 

Yet, having only Burrows in the team isn’t going to work, the Bengals and owner Mike Brown must make tough decisions to improve their gameplays and their drills. Burrows is an additional asset that needs to be utilized alongside making significant improvements in their runs entirely. 


The chances of the Bengals getting Burrows in their team this upcoming draft is at a high percentage, and undoubtedly, the Bengals are on it. But there are many presumptions with Burrows playing with the Bengals due to controversies with ace players playing with underdogs teams. We can only assume for now, since there’s still a lot that would happen before draft day. Whatever it may lead to, let us all look forward to what will be the result.