NFL Betting: Learn The Sports Betting Math To Win

NFL football is considered to be the greatest sport of all time by Americans. People love this sport so much, aside from entertainment, it can also make your bankroll grow.

The NFL is not just a big show on your televisions every Sunday, but it is also the most prominent gambling show. 

Each year the number of new accounts opened for sportsbooks is increasing, especially at the start of the  NFL season.  Interesting right?  Let’s find out how this phenomenal sport can make your bankroll grow.

How To Bet On The NFL?

Just like other sports betting that you see online in, NFL betting has a point spread to follow. The sportsbook will choose how many points the favored team will get each game. Then as a bettor, you are going to bet based on the points of the favorite team. Whether the chosen team will win by more than the number of points or they will win by less than that or if the other team wins.

Betting  On The Totals

The sportsbook will show you their prediction on how many points both teams get by the end of the game. Therefore you will place your bet if you think that the teams will get more points or fewer points than the sportsbook published.

For example, the Redskins beat the Cowboys 30-17, so the total should be 47.  There are two choices that you can place your bet, over 46.5 or under 46.5.  So if the total score of both teams goes over 46.5 and you bet on over 46.5, you will get the payout.

Money Line Betting

This may be the easiest bet in the NFL, and you will simply bet on which team will win the game. However, the market here is very different from betting on the totals. You will get higher payouts if you bet on the favored team and if it wins. 

For example, the favored team is the Cowboys, and if they win, your bet amount of $100 will become $100 + $250. But if you bet on the not favored team, for example, the Redskins, you have to put a wager of $300 to win just $100. The bet amounts can be more or less, and the payout will depend on the pro-rata basis.

Other NFL Betting

Aside from the two popular bettings, which are the money line and betting on totals, there are other ways you can bet on the NFL. Betting NFL teasers and betting NFL futures.

For example, the Redskins are getting -8.5 in the upcoming game, so betting on teasers, you can change the line in your favor.

Most bettors used six points as the teaser amount to be able to back the Redskins. That means the Redskins can now win by getting three or more points only instead of getting nine or more.

Betting NFL futures predicts the winning team for the entire season or is usually called the long bet.

Tips On NFL Betting

Now that you already know the math and basics of NFL betting, it’s time to learn the right attitude in playing the game. Many bettors still lost their money despite how knowledgeable they are,because they forgot these two betting rules.

Bet With Your Mind

In any gambling game, emotions can make you lose and worse, empty your pockets. So you have to understand the number one rule in betting, always bet with your mind and not with your heart. Controlling your emotions in sports betting is way more complicated than other betting games.

In sports, you have your personal biases whether you want to bet on your favorite team where your favorite player is playing, or the team playing is coming from your town. Remember, if you want to make your bankroll grow, you have to focus on the game and be more objective. Be smart on betting in totals or the winning team.

Check The Player’s Status

In sports betting, players represent a significant role. Don’t just focus on the numbers, but you have to pay attention to the player’s current situation if there are injuries in the team or there are players who missed practice. Know the skills of each player from both teams to predict their scores and whether they will or not. Again do not be deceived on their current score. Remember, you are going to bet on their future numbers.


Sports betting can be so rewarding, especially if you win. However, you have to put in mind that you are also having fun above all the money you get from winning. The NFL became a phenomenal sport not just because of the significant digits it gave to the country’s bank account but also because of the happiness and unity it brings to the people. Winning in sports betting is just a plus, but having fun during the season is priceless.