NFL Draft Bible Q&A: Tae Hayes, DB, Appalachian State

First & Ten With Appalachian State defensive back Tae Hayes. The NFL Draft Bible goes one-on-one with the Sun Belt standout, who is regarded as one of the top senior cornerback prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft, according to the NFL Draft Bible Advisory Board.

What if your official height and weight?

5’10, 185.

When a NFL scout pops in your game film, explain to us what type of player he should expect to see (provide a self-scouting report).

Lots of quickness and speed, knowledge for the game of football, attitude, aggressiveness, confidence and lockdown coverage.

What was your offseason like heading into 2018, what areas of your game did you work on to improve upon?

I improved a lot on my man coverage and press technique. I’ve gotten better at being able to disrupt the timing of the wide receiver and quarterback.

What type of leadership intangibles do you bring to the table? Explain your leadership style.

My role on my team in leadership is keeping everyone motivated and always having positive energy. My teammates feed off my energy and passion.

Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced thus far in your career, either overall team or an individual? How did you fare?

The team that gave me the most problem was ULM. They just ran lots of double moves and their quarterback did a great job of scrambling around and keeping plays alive and looking down field while scrambling to make plays with his arm.

Name a point during your college career when you had to overcome adversity. What did you learn from that experience?

My sophomore year I went to a pretty tough sophomore slump. I just couldn’t get much going with myself but I learned that I am at my best when I keep competing and playing hard because I love the game of football. When I take the fun out of it, I basically took fun out of my life. My junior year I had fun on the field and itk showed and this camp I’ve been flying around having fun.

What was it like growing up in Decatur, AL? Did you live any other places?

I also lived in Courtland, Alabama before I moved to Decatur. Both of those towns are small country cities that love sports.

When did you begin playing football and when did you realize that you have a passion for the game of football?

I started playing football when I was five years old. I’ve always liked football but I did not figure out my passion for the game until my sophomore slump when it was almost taken away from me.

Have you had any major injuries during your playing career? If so, when and how did it impact you?

No, I have not.

What is something people might not know about you or something that separates you from other players?

My quickness really separates me and this camp, me being aggressive has really separated me. I am always in the hip pocket of wide receivers and I am always fighting to make targets my way incomplete or picked.


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(Pic: Appalachian State Athletics)