NFL Week 11 Betting Guide

Time to make some money. Every week some lines make you double glance and ponder for a second. Week 11 of the NFL season is no different. Sports Betting Dime list some of the interesting lines of the week that you might just want to get some action on.

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks (-3)

The smart money, or at least the bulk of the money, is going heavily to the home team Seattle Seahawks. Both teams seem to be trending in opposite directions. With the Arizona Cardinals miraculous last second Hail Mary 32-30 victory over the Buffalo Bills fresh on the mind, the Cardinals may appear to be the trendy pick taking on a Seahawks team fresh off back to back losses. However there aren’t many things scarier than a desperate team. Now sitting at a three way tie on top the NFC West at 6-3, look for the Seahawks to have a get right game. They cover the three points in a big way.

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens (-6.5)

The Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens have been a bit volatile and hard to predict over recent weeks, making this game a favorite to go in a variety of directions. The Titans coming off of a 34-17 defeat to the hands of the Indianapolis Colts does them no favors to feel confident heading over to Baltimore in an extremely important divisional matchup. Still, 6.5 is a whole lot of points in the NFL… especially for a talented Titans team coming off of a loss against another inconsistent football team. Confidence meter on this one if turned all the way up.

Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns (-3)

If you are tapped into the Philadelphia Eagles media, there has been this thought that the Eagles are in the process of getting healthy and are about to get things turned around a bit. Give me a break. The Philadelphia Eagles are a dumpster fire right now, from the top to bottom. Are the Cleveland Browns a great team? No, they also leave a lot to be desired from a consistency perspective. For the most part, however, the Browns have taken care of business against the lower level teams they have faced. I’d hate to kick a team while they are down, but keep kicking the Eagles right now. The Browns should be able to cover that three points with relative ease at home.

Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts (-2.5)

The Colts play some phenomenal team defense. Offensively, they can be really sporadic, leading to some hit or miss outings. They welcome in the Green Bay Packers, who are another team that can be tough to get a pulse on. At the end of the day, this one comes down to the most important position in sports, the quarterback. Save the 2.5 points that the Packers are getting – they won’t need it. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers win this one outright, dropping the Phillip Rivers led Colts to 6-4.

So many lines, so little top! May Week 11 leave you all blessed and your pockets a little richer. Happy bettings my friends!