Baldy’s Breakdown Season Pass [Best Value] -11 Seminars

$700.00 $499.99

Bust into the world of scouting and ‘Break it Down Like Baldy!’ The Baldy’s Breakdowns Live Online Scouting Seminar Series features NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. Want to learn how to break down film like a professional scout or sharpen your scouting eye with a better understanding of what to look for? This is the course for you. Each seminar will highlight specific traits and categories on how to specifically scout each position, followed by a Q&A session with the famous Baldy himself! [Each seminar is limited to the first 100 registrations]



Do you want to breakdown game film like a pro? Ever wonder what goes into the evaluation process of the famous Baldy’s Breakdowns or desire to work in the football scouting industry? Take the first step to achieving your pro scouting ambitions with Baldy’s Breakdowns Pro Football Live Pop-Up Scouting Seminar, featuring Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network. Learn vital techniques in mastering your film breakdowns, as Baldy brings his 30 years of experience as a player and TV analyst and teaches you how to grind the tape! The Baldy’s Breakdowns Pro Football Live Pop-Up Scouting Seminar will be followed by a Q&A session. Limited slots available!


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