[REPORT]: NFL Leak Exposed 1,200 Players Personal Data

Hackers have accessed data, which was leaked from the website of the NFL Players Association and affects as many as 1,135 football players, according to a recent Forbes report. Information obtained included players’ home addresses, mobile numbers, email addresses, colleges, dates of birth and agent fees. Players most notably included were current free agents Colin Kaepernick, Darrelle Revis and Robert Griffin III. Vulnerable cyber security leads to exposure of important personal data and remains a major issue, not only for the NFL but worldwide. Premier Athlete Advisors founder and certified agent Adam Seifer weighed on the situation noting, “As an agent who is also a licensed attorney and as such is entrusted with protected information on a daily basis, I am always concerned about my clients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality, so a breach of this nature is clearly concerning to me.” Premier Athlete Advisors is one of the emerging NFL agencies gaining notoriety within the football landscape, be sure to check out their company at: www.PremierAthleteAdvisors.com.