RiseNDraft Mailbag: Trevor Lawrence Is All The Buzz, An Ace Emerges In Nevada & The Schiano Effect Is Real

By Ryan Roberts | @RiseNDraft

YOU’VE GOT [DRAFT] MAIL! The NFL Draft world can change in an instant, sometimes seemingly on a week-to-week basis. We are here to remedy inquiries, solve hot takes and figure out this uncertain NFL Draft landscape!

Would love to hear about some sleeper QB prospects. Seems like there’s tons of guys to keep an eye on this year. Who is RiseNDraft watching?

There’s a few that aren’t talked about enough, or at all for that matter. Let’s start with the next great Mountain West quarterback in Nevada redshirt sophomore CARSON STRONG. At 6-4 and 220 pounds, Strong is a gifted passer who has shown a great talent to throw from different arm slots and speeds. More than a statue, Strong is a little more athlete than you might expect from your prototypical pocket passer. Will he declare for the 2021 NFL Draft? Probably not. Either way, he is a player to keep an eye out for and could possibly be the first quarterback selected in the NFL Draft since Colin Kaepernick (2011).

Another player who might be more of a 2022 prospect is Saint Francis signal-caller JASON BROWN. He fits the current ‘improvisor’ NFL style that has become all the rage of late. Blessed with extremely gifted arm talent, Brown makes throws from all types of crazy angles, boasting a howitzer for an arm, with the ability to throw off platform. Outside of structure, the Fredericksburg native shows the natural ability to extend plays with some jaw dropping plays while navigating chaos. The 6-4, 230-pounder is a redshirt junior and plans to play in the spring, so this is one name to store for the memory bank.

Tyshon Fogg had a bit of a coming out party this weekend. Where do you think his draft range is right now?

If you missed it this past weekend, the second adaptation of the Greg Schiano Era got off to a hot start, defeating Michigan State 38-20 in decisive fashion. Perhaps the most impressive player on the field for either team was Rutgers linebacker TYSHON FOGG, who figures to be an intriguing next level prospect, as he fits the bill of a modern off ball backer. With a prototype frame (6-1/240) and some notable athletic traits, Fogg is the type of sideline-to-sideline player who is sure to be valued heavily by the NFL. The question that will arise is whether there is a dynamic trait to hang his hat on. He carried an early Day Three grade coming into the season, which seems like a nice spot to get a developmental linebacker with pro-level traits. Could he potentially go sometime on Day Two? It’s very possible. Testing is going to be huge for Fogg.

Which NFL teams have the biggest need at RB?

Most teams should be in the running back market constantly for what it’s worth. It’s become such a departmentalized position, that varying skill-sets are becoming more important, in order to create a nice mesh of styles in the backfield. That being said, there are a couple teams that should firmly be in the market to fill a high volume.

The Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers all come to mind. The Dolphins are currently employing Myles Gaskin as their lead ball-carrier. He’s proved to be effectice in a third down role but should by no means be carrying a heavy load. With the New York Jets recent trade of Le’Veon Bell, this is one organization in need of some serious talent at the position. Grabbing a back who can shoulder the workload and be paired with this year’s fourth round pick La’Mical Perine should be of high priority. The Steelers are a dark horse for a new lead ball carrier. James Connor is set to hit free agency and the jury remains out as to whether Benny Smell or Anthony McFarland can shoulder the load and become high volume runners.

Where do you see Desmond Ridder’s draft stock after a solid week vs SMU?

It’s a hard pass. Every year we get quarterbacks who have been hyped for several years, clearly have traits but just don’t seem to get much better. Ridder might just be who he is at this point. Will he get drafted? Absolutely. He’s too talented not to but the quarterback position is about much more than just size, arm strength and athleticism. Ridder is a developmental Day Three prospect who has a chance to become the player that everyone hoped but teams should be wary of gambling on this player too early, as he seems to have plateaued.

Do you think Trevor Lawrence could still find success even if he gets drafted by the Jets?

Yes. As is the case for most quarterbacks, specifically early success, situation can often times dictate success. Adam Gase looks like he’s going to be shown the door soon. With the right coach in place (hopefully) and Joe Douglass continuing to build off of his 2020 Draft class, the future of the New York Jets could look a whole lot better. It’s not going to be a quick turnaround but the situation isn’t hopeless for Trevor Lawrence, if he just so happened to be the next star on Broadway.

Are there any teams with a chance at the No.1 overall pick who SHOULDN’T take Trevor Lawrence? If so, why?

We could probably write a novel on this scenario let’s keep it simple. If there is a team with any shred of doubt in their quarterback room and you end up with the first overall selection, you take Trevor Lawrence. Don’t think twice… hand in the card and walk away. Now if a team with a young quarterback such as the Cincinnati Bengals (Joe Burrow) or Los Angeles Chargers (Justin Herbert) are on the clock, then that equation changes. Good news for those teams, Trevor Lawrence is worth a King’s ransom. Rule No.1 in roster building, don’t let average quarterbacks keep you from getting your guy. Quarterback purgatory is a terrible place to be in.

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