Scouting Portfolio: AJ Terrell, Clemson

A.J. TERRELL | Clemson | CB | #21 | rJR | 6010 | 190 | Atlanta, GA

Overview: A top choice cornerback in last year’s Clemson’s National Championship team, Terrell is already making a case to be a top-15 pick this year. His robust build, incredible length jumps, and great instincts are precisely what many teams are missing in a cornerback.

Terrell was named first-team ALL-ACC, meaning he is ready to prove his worth to the world. His conservative stats of two interceptions and four pass breaks might see him getting overlooked by some. But his physical attributes screams of a potentially great player. Here’s why:

Although he’s not as muscular as some of his teammates, Terrell is long-limbed and has top-notch athletic ability. He’s impressively fast and flexible enough to play as a deep zone defender or as an under zone. 

What’s more, Terrell has excellent ball skills, which helps him change directions appropriately, whether he’s driving downhill or laterally. Overall, he has the physical and mental attributes to be a great player in his own right.

Background: Terrell is fresh off college football playoffs, having led one of the country’s best college teams in defense. He opted to forego his final year this January and instead declared for the draft. The Texans have already declared an interest in him.

It’s not surprising, however, that Terrell is attracting teams this early in the offseason. The C.B. has demonstrated immense discipline throughout his short career. He’s very hardworking and has always committed to improving his skills.

Career: While in college, the 23-year-old made 15 tackles in his freshman year and one interception. He recorded 53 more tackles in his sophomore year, one touchdown, and three interceptions. He’s also notable for having recorded a touchdown against projected first-round pick Q.B. Tua Tagavailoa last year.

Pre-college, Terrell attended Westlake High School in his home town of Atlanta, Georgia. He excelled at high school games and ended up playing the 2017 Under Armour All-American Game. 

In summary, Terrell participated in four bowl games before he declared for the draft this year:

  • 2018 Cotton Bowl Classic
  • 2019 CFP National Championship
  • 2019 Fiesta Bowl
  • 2020 National Championship

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photo: ESPN