Senior Bowl: North Practice Day One

The North team is loaded with talent, they have the best two quarterbacks at this event and some real intriguing prospects on the offensive line. The Broncos forced a lot of install, special teams, so hopefully they get some more one on one drills going tomorrow.


QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma – The rock star of this event arrived just before practice, as Baker Mayfield showed up “hat in hand” and there was a noticeable buzz in Ladd Peebles Stadium. The Heisman Trophy winner got off to a slow start with some location issues and a couple of throws behind his receivers but after that, Mayfield drilled an out route to Berrious, he threw a strike to Jalil Scott and hit Michael Gallup on a post route that was very reminiscent to some of the chunk gains the Oklahoma offense executed all season long. Baker didn’t have a great day but there was evidence that he is a special quarterback today and it’s more than likely that he’ll continue to improve the chemistry with his receivers all week and improve his draft stock after this event is said and done.

QB Josh Allen, Wyoming – Allen had some accuracy issues but what he’s here to do is exactly what we saw today. The Wyoming Cowboy flashed his howitzer on a number of throws, where his velocity and torque he puts on a ball is just eye opening. Josh Allen is such a specimen with his prototype build, height and bulk. He is a tough kid that take hits, stare down the gun barrel and deliver a strike. He’s the real thing and regardless of how many people want to rip apart his games against Iowa and Oregon this year, his supporting cast at Wyoming in 2017 was suspect at best. Allen has ideal measurables for a quarterback at 6’4″7/8, 236 pounds with 10 1/8 size hands and while he may have had a regrettable swan song in Laramie, his story is far from written.

WR Jaleel Scott, New Mexico State – The big man from New Mexico State showed up with some balance and body control that belies his size. He turns so well and makes space between corners with his length and quickness. He doesn’t have great deep speed and will have to make contested plays but with his ability to adjust to the football and haul in the tough catches. He is a real hands catcher and is capable of winning jump balls against the majority of corners he’ll line up against. The big man is off to a good start and should continue to build on his performance today.

C Cole Mason, Michigan – Mason Cole is an iron man that has played in 104 consecutive games dating back to his high school days. He has experience at tackle and center in a pro style offense but he will also get reps at guard this week as well. Cole called out protections today, he led the huddle and flashed his strength at the pivot and his skills snapping the ball. He got out to the second level on a run play and walled off Fred Warner for the inside run. He is a big tough kid that keeps fighting, he should enter the league with a lot of seasoning and will be capable of offering whatever team that drafts him tremendous versatility for their roster.


WR Braxton Berrios, Miami (FL) – It’s hard not to like Braxton Berrios’ game with his quickness, competitiveness and excellent hands. He unfortunately had a rough day with a number of drops and a rough double hit in practice that left him a little banged up. In Berrios’ defense there were a few passes thrown behind him and out of his catching radius but this is a guy that has made a career converting poorly thrown balls, so it’s surprising that he didn’t hit the ground running today. There’s plenty of week left and Berrios is a gamer that should improve each day here in Mobile.