The Best and Worst of the NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL season is looming on the horizon and fans are getting excited for football to come back. With the draft completed, now is the best time to analyze the teams and figure out who has the best chance of shaking up their division. For NFL fans, the draft can be the most polarizing time of the year. There is endless potential in these new incoming players, and the right person in the right position can transform a team into a top-caliber winning machine.

When the NFL draft comes around, everyone gets excited for the upcoming football season. Fans pick up the latest merchandise and apparel, analysts start making their top picks for the year, even betting sites get into the spirit with sites like Bet365 offering bonuses up to $200. With the team’s newest players in place, let’s take a look at the biggest winners and losers of the draft. 


Minnesota Vikings

Without any disputes, the Vikings made out well in this draft through sheer volume alone. The Vikings made bold moves to gather up 16 draft picks that they used strategically. After their blockbuster trade with the Bills that saw them part with Stefon Diggs, they picked up two new wide receivers to replace him. Justin Jefferson from LSU was selected in the 1st round, along with K.J. Osborn in the 5th. They also did great work in the cornerback position with the addition of Jeff Gladney in the first round, Cameron Dantzler in the 3rd and Harrison Hand later on. Afterwards, they still managed to pad their offensive line. Just a phenomenal job using their wealth of draft picks in the right places. 

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens looked unstoppable for most of the 2019 season, and this year’s draft should have their division shaking. With the loss of Marshal Yanda still fresh, the first goal was to pad their defense. With their 1st round pick, the Ravens selected linebacker Patrick Queen from LSU, an exceptionally athletic player that can cover a lot of ground. Later in the 3rd round, they also picked up the defensive tackle Justin Madubuike and linebacker Malik Harrison. One of the most surprising selections for the Ravens was running back J.K. Dobbins in the 2nd round. Many analysts were surprised he was still available at this point. Overall, the Ravens made smart picks and are looking to be a safe bet heading into the 2020 season. 

Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys used the time tested strategy of selecting the best player available, and it worked out big in their favor. The highly anticipated wide receiver CeeDee Lamb dropped down in the 1st round and the Cowboys snatched him up, making him #17 overall. With their quarterback Dak Prescott playing well, this just adds another weapon to his arsenal. Their 2nd round pick was spent on Trevon Diggs, a strong cornerback that will help their squad after the departure of Byron Jones. Diggs is known for being an aggressive player that doesn’t slow down. The Cowboys were also smart in padding their defense with the addition of players Neville Gallimore and Bradlee Anae. 


Green Bay Packers

The Packers worked hard last season to build up their 13-3 record with Aaron Rodgers playing his heart out yet again. With this year’s draft, it feels like the Packers are just looking too far ahead instead of adding some needed weapons on offense. Rodgers doesn’t have many more years left and the Packers are not showing any urgency to capitalize on his remaining years with this draft. The Packers decision to draft quarterback Jordan Love in the first round sends a clear message that they are already looking past him. They added no new wide receivers to help out Rodgers on offense either. While new running back AJ Dillon and tight end Josiah Deguara look promising, they are not enough to help out on offense. Overall, this was not a strong year for the Packers. 

Chicago Bears

The Bears have seen better days and this year’s draft certainly could have been better. It didn’t help that they had no 1st round pick, but overall they did not make the best with what was available. Cole Kmet, the tight end, was their first selection in the 2nd round. This was a decision that adds nothing to their team when it could have been used on better players. Cornerback Jaylon Johnson is a better fit on their squad, but suffers from past injuries. With other lackluster picks following them, this was not a good year for a team that is already struggling.