Top 5 2020 NFL Draft Predictions: Tanking, Tua, and More

A lot has happened in the last two weeks in both college football and the NFL. There are some truly dreadful NFL teams this season, and it seemed like a couple – and definitely the Dolphins– just might have been tanking for Tua. 

But now Tua Tagovoilova isn’t a No. 1 overall draft pick option anymore; not with a dislocated hip. Joe Burrow is the new favorite at online sports betting sites to go No. 1 overall. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Tua will probably go in the first round.

So will Burrow go first? And who will get him? The Dolphins got the worst win they possibly could when they beat the Jets, effectively ruining their chance at the top pick – this team can’t even lose correctly. The Cincinnati Bengals are doing it right. They are losing every game and making it look like they are not tanking. The Washington Redskins are just 1-9 and with the Packers, Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys on their remaining schedule. Of course, the Giants are also terrible, so they might finish with a 2-14 record. But they would still most likely get the No. 2 overall pick.

Bengals Choose a Tiger?

Andy Dalton still has some NFL time left in him, so does it make sense to take Joe Burrow No. 1 overall if they continue to drop-trou and bend over for their opponents? I think so, though it is going to be hard for them to not beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 16, so they could end up getting coin-tossed with the Washington Redskins.

Andy Dalton is only 32 years old and he is a veteran with 9 years in the league that has a pair of 4K+ yard seasons and multiple 3300+ yard seasons. So, Burrow getting to sit behind Dalton wouldn’t be the worst thing on the planet for the young LSU star. 

Redskins go on the Defensive

I have a feeling if the Skins get the number one pick, they trade down. They just got Dwayne Haskins, plus they still have Alex Smith on the roster and he seems to be recovering well from his brutally broken leg.

So, I have a feeling that Washington will do one of two things: go for a downfield target or snatch up Ohio State’s zippy pass-rusher, Chase Young. 

A Little Bit of Oregon to Head to Miami

It’s clear that the Dolphins wanted Tua … And Joe Burrow is almost certainly going to be off the board, so they’ll go for the next best thing. The 6’5, 240-pound gun-slinger from Oregon. The Ducks QB has a steller arm, amazing accuracy, and is fleet-footed to boot. Herbert has shown fantastic decision-making as well in his senior year. So far, he’s thrown 28 touchdowns on 316 attempts with just 3 INTs.

Daniel Jones Gets Jerry Jeudy

If the Skins pick up Ohio State’s star pass-rusher, I think the Giants will try to rebuild on their deep-threat capabilities and go after a top target for Daniel Jones. Right now, the Giants don’t have a No.1 receiver and Alabama’s star wideout would create an immediate positive impact on offense. He already has 9 TDs on 64 receptions this season and a good chance of breaking 1000 yards again. He finished last season with 1315 – that won’t happen this year with Tua out, but still could pop over the 1k mark.

Sam Darnold Needs Help

Maybe if Darnold didn’t get hit in the head so much, he wouldn’t be seeing ghosts. This is why I think the Jets will probably go for some serious talent up front to help protect their young star QB. The Jet’s will take Alex Leatherwood or Andrew Thomas to fill a spot at left tackle. I have a feeling they will probably favor the Jr. from Georgia, but Alabama’s star tackle would be great as well. 

There you have it. Our top five draft predictions for the worst teams in the NFL. They all need help and in different areas. It will be fun to see how this all plays out, and how the draft order actually ends up.