No Quit in Trey Adams

To say Trey Adams loves the game is an understatement. The starting left tackle of the Washington Huskies was on top of the world after a tremendous freshman season where he was awarded first team all conference but two months into his sophomore year, he injured his knee and went on to miss 16 consecutive games across two seasons with a torn ACL and a bulging disk in his back that cost him a majority of 2018.

Adams had his fair share of doubters during his rehab, as one doctor reportedly told him that he might not ever play again to which Trey scoffed; “I hope you are watching the Rose Bowl in your chair!”. Adams went on through two surgeries, two rehabs and worked 397 grueling days to rejoin his teammates on time to play in the conference championship. His dedication to the coaching staff and team drove Adams the whole way but he took that up another notch when he made the decision to return for his fifth season.

After what Trey Adams has endured, nobody would fault him if he wanted to save his body and declare early for the NFL Draft but Adams clearly wants a full season to close out his college career strong and end on a high note. Some folks might believe he’s betting on himself, but we interpret his decision as a method of proving his injuries are behind him and making up for missing out on more than a year’s worth of Huskies’ games.

Regardless of what happens in 2019, he’s certain to be a medical red flag as an NFL Draft prospect but who’s to say that one of the 32 might take the injury risk and gamble that he will last through a contract or two, giving them 8-10 years of solid play. As a player, he’s super long with rare balance couple with a unique wing span and active man hands. He has some real vice grips and terrific hand placement that makes it difficult for opponents to get off his blocks once he engages. He has tremendous range but his play speed needs to improve and he can be beaten by double moves. Either way, his talent is clear and his physicality is evident. Any team would love to have a player with his background and athletic ability.

If he gets drafted day one, day two, day three it just doesn’t matter because one thing is for certain. Adams is going to keep playing, it’s his passion and the league usually finds places for guys that live to play the game.