Your guide for betting successfully on the NFL

The NFL has become more popular than ever with people around the globe. That’s partly to do with the success of the Super Bowl; one of the most-watched sporting events ever to go on television. The most recent one, Super Bowl LIV, for example, averaged 102 million viewers across channels — the 10th most-watched Super Bowl in the history of the event with 169 other countries outside the country. It was also broadcast in seven languages.

One of the ways that audiences around the world can engage with the game, outside of watching them on TV and attending games, is to partake in NFL online betting. There are so many ways you can enjoy NFL online betting that enhances your experience of the game and players.

If you’re just getting involved in the NFL or have an interest in trying out some online betting, check out football handicappers at OLBG and read this guide for everything you need to know.

American football: the basics

There are a few basics about the game to start off with you want to get right if you want to get good at NFL online betting. It will help you build your strategy and develop your knowledge of the game in the long run, which can result in better betting decisions. Football is a two-team game; an offense and defense. The offense has possession of the ball and tries to score points; the defense tries to stop them. The aim of the game is to score more points overall than the opposition by getting the ball in through the opposition’s goalposts.

Either by running it to the endzone or kicking it through the posts. NFL games last for four quarters, each one of which is 15 minutes in length. Draws result in overtime where the first team to score wins the game.

About the betting itself

Online betting and live streaming have made the sport much more accessible; and as more states across the country loosen the rules on betting, the more popular it’s become. There are so many ways you can bet on American football, depending on how much interest you have in watching a season play out or an individual game. Here are some of the top ways you can bet on an NFL game online.

Match Bet

Match betting is probably the easiest type of betting to explain. Quite simply, it’s a bet on which team will win the game. You can either bet on the away team or home team and include overtime should there be a draw — although the chances of actually going into overtime aren’t huge. Many big NFL fans will always bet on their favorite team, but if you’re a strategic better you will want to follow the season over a period of time, to make the best bets possible.

Handicap Bet

Handicap betting helps balance the odds and helps the most uneven games become more balanced — adding and subtracting from a final goals tally. It makes the stakes more easily covered. A hypothetical advantage (or even a disadvantage) is given to either the home or away team.

Over/Under Bet

There’s a huge amount of points scored in a game of American football. Teams can sometimes win, or lose, by thirty points or more. Over/under betting allows betters to not back exactly how many points will be scored, but instead predict how many points of a total number scored will be below or above a certain amount.

Player Bet

Outside of betting on the game itself, many people enjoy betting on the individual players. There are many different types of NFL player bets to make; one of the most popular is for who will make the first touchdown in a game. Another example is fans betting on which wide receiver will score the total points or alternatively, score last or first during a game.

Many people also enjoy betting on interceptions as they have a huge effect on a game.

Outright Bet

If you’re interested in betting over the long term, try outright betting. The most exciting is probably the NFL Championship bet, which is when you bet on which team will win the championship for the year. It can be a huge risk, however, as teams fluctuate in their performance over the course of a season. That being said, it could also be a chance to win big if you’re lucky.

Another popular outright bet is betting on the NFL MVP. This can also be a risky one as the player will be someone out of the two teams that get to the championship game.
If you’re up for being invested in an entire season, an outright bet might be a good option and has the potential for an invigorating finish.

College Bet

Outside the NFL, you might want to look into betting on college American football. College football is very big in America; many of the players go on to play in the NFL, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on who is will be the up-and-coming stars. Teams also compete to play in the College Football Playoff National Championship, which is a good place if you want to try and outright bet on this league.